Virtual Care

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Remote Patient Monitoring, Inpatient Virtual Care and Hospital at Home Staffing Services Help Provide Safe, Timely, Accessible, Flexible and Convenient Care Options to Improve Patient Outcomes

As more hospitals, health systems and providers turn to safe alternatives for delivering health care amid pandemic challenges, staff shortages, high census and decreasing reimbursement, Conduit Health Partners offers virtual care solutions such as remote patient monitoring and hospital-at-home services. These services are improving patient outcomes throughout the continuum of care while alleviating strain on staff and health systems.

With Conduit’s virtual care services, we augment care delivery in a variety of care settings, helping clients deliver safe, quality care beyond traditional settings. We partner with health systems, device manufacturers and other health care providers to provide remote patient monitoring services that support more immediate, timely interventions that can improve patient outcomes and mitigate potential issues before they get worse.

Inpatient Virtual Care 

Conduit’s inpatient remote patient monitoring health care staffing solutions include:

  • Virtual hospital sitter services – Our skilled associates can remotely monitor several patients in need of hospital sitter services at one time, freeing up your bedside nurses to care for other patients in the hospital. The virtual Conduit sitter will follow the client’s alert protocol to quickly launch interventions at the bedside when needed.
  • Telemetry monitoring – Our skilled associates can support a solution for remote EKG monitoring and event escalation. The centralized solution promotes additional monitoring bandwidth with fewer resources.

Remote Patient Monitoring Staffing Services

Conduit’s virtual care staffing services help clients deliver care beyond traditional settings by enabling safe, quality virtual chronic care management. We partner with health systems, hospitals, provider groups, chronic care management organizations, device manufacturers and other health care providers to provide remote patient monitoring staffing that supports immediate, timely interventions that can improve patient outcomes and mitigate potential issues before they get worse.

Hospital at Home

Hospital at Home is a unique care model that provides acute inpatient care in the comfort of a patient’s home rather than in an acute care hospital. Using technology to augment in-person rounding, we can provide the same level of service for patients with specific conditions. Hospital-at-Home services are for patients meeting criteria for an inpatient admission such as those recovering from surgery; or for those who have chronic or other illnesses such as congestive heart failure, COPD, cancer, diabetes, or pneumonia.

Why Partner with Conduit for Virtual Care

  • Empower patients. We work with your team to better educate patients to gain greater control of their health and well-being.
  • Customize solutions. We work with your existing technology and customize solutions that align with market trends.
  • Help reduce nurse burnout and shortage. Our team of nurses and clinicians virtually augments your team to support optimal care delivery, while reducing burnout.
  • Early interventions to mitigate issues and reduce hospital readmissions. Virtual care enables immediate, timely interventions that can help reduce hospital readmissions, and mitigate potential issues before they get worse.
  • Increase access to care. Patients receive increased access to care while limiting the need for disruptive transfers.
  • Improve quality of care and patient satisfaction. Virtual care enables safe, timely, accessible, flexible, and convenient care options to support better quality care, and improved patient satisfaction.

Care Transformations from Conduit's Virtual Care Center

Partnership between care transformation leaders, clinical stakeholders, safety reliability, and performance improvement teams.

Large healthcare system in Midwest 2019 year-over-year improvements:

  • 10% reduction in all cause mortality
  • 11% reduction in heart failure admissions
  • 13% reduction in AMI readmissions
  • 23% reduction in CAUTIs
  • 26% reduction in SSI - Colon

As a part of evidence-based for early sepsis recognition, client has seen:

  • 16% improvement in sepsis mortality rate
  • 8.5% reduction in length of stay
  • 17% reduction in ICU utilization

Virtual Care Client Partners

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Improved Outcomes through Virtual Care

Virtual care — while not new prior to the pandemic — significantly increased in popularity as providers turned to safe alternatives for delivering health care amidst COVID-19. Virtual care is a broad term that encompasses many ways that health care providers and patients interact real-time through digital tools. Examples include care delivered via video, audio, remote monitoring, instant messaging, and more.

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