Quality at Conduit

Quality and safety are the cornerstones that lead to success. When you partner with Conduit, we work to exceed your expectations and commit to providing effective, consumer-centered, timely, efficient and equitable care.

How We Work as a Valuable Partner

At Conduit, we create a culture of safety and continuous learning opportunities by bringing a systems-thinking approach to everything we do. Using high reliability and total quality management principles, we pursue what matters most to our customers, partners and staff.

Quality Checks, Processes and Quality Improvement Initiatives Lead to Excellence

Accredited as a URAC® Health Call Center, we demonstrate our expertise through high quality care and value. Through a series of quality checks, processes and quality improvement initiatives, we aim to:

  • Foster a culture of well-being, growth and development to drive optimal outcomes.
  • Enhance accessibility and promote seamless navigation throughout.
  • Deliver services with outcomes that create value for clients and customers.
  • Recognize highly reliable processes and systems as fundamental to ensure consistent care outcomes.

A Solid Methodology for Achieving Goals

Providing structure and leadership

A quality management committee comprises a medical director, president, operations and support service leaders, clinicians and staff. This group is dedicated to ensuring an effective quality management system and is accountable for the priorities and related activities.

Focus on care outcomes

Quality indicators, including key performance indicators for quality assurance, are established to quantitatively measure and provide information about our care’s effectiveness, safety and people-centeredness. Using data, we uncover potential gaps between performance and goals.

Measure the care we provide

Regular monitoring using a comprehensive audit tool provides insights into performance and KPIs. The audit tool includes evaluating interpersonal communication, safety, decision-making and adherence to appropriate guidelines. Quality staff audit care and services to ensure an optimal level of quality, along with measuring our associates’ strengths and weaknesses relative to objectives, performance, service-level agreements and service standards.

Continuous improvement

We have a common approach to problem-solving and quality improvement using Lean Six Sigma concepts to identify opportunities, determine root causes, create solutions, implement interventions and sustain positive changes over time. Improvement techniques are based on the PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) methodology that emphasizes innovation, testing, iterations and speed. To identify problems and analyze the current state, we also use common cause analysis, failure mode effect analysis, daily and shift huddles, briefs and debriefs.