Nurse Triage for Health Systems

Nurse Triage for Health Systems

Nurse Triage Benefits for Health Care Systems & Hospitals

Neither the clock nor the calendar matters when a patient is sick, hurt or has urgent questions about their health. Hospitals and health systems understand this and select nurse-first triage services from Conduit Health Partners for the benefits, including how nurse call centers:

  • Improve patient satisfaction by providing round-the-clock access to healthcare advice, ensuring patients feel supported and valued.
  • Attract new patients to the health system by advertising the ability to connect to a nurse 24/7/365.
  • Enhance access to care by addressing social determinants of health such as lack of transportation, language barriers, healthcare literacy and neighborhood access to primary and urgent care.
  • Manage emergency department (ED) volumes and wait times by diverting inappropriate visits to the right level of care, leading to significant cost savings for patients and providers.
  • Enhance the health system’s reputation with a free service that improves patient satisfaction and prompts word-of-mouth referrals.

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A nurse-driven approach to lowering barriers to care in health systems.

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After Hours Nurse Triage Assists Hospital Staff

Callers to a hospital’s nurse triage service are connected to an experienced RN who uses evidence-based decision support tools (the gold standard Schmitt-Thompson protocols) to evaluate each patient’s symptoms. If callers speak languages other than English, triage nurses can access support in as many as 300 languages.

  • Triage nurses guide patients to the proper care at home or other services available in your health system or hospital. Those may include urgent care centers, telehealth or medical practices.
  • Nurse triage services help patients identify the best place to receive care so that staff can focus on patients in the right setting for their need.
  • With access to patient records, triage nurses can also support patients newly released from the hospital or who have returned home from visits to emergency rooms, urgent care or other medical practices in the health system.
  • Hospitals also deploy nurse lines to reduce avoidable readmissions and prevent revolving-door visits to the ED.   

Our Results Attest to Our Effectiveness and Quality

Our clinical team works closely with you and provides access to detailed reports on calls and resolutions. Experiences with large organizations nationwide have led to solid results and satisfied patients and members.

ED avoidance 1
80- 90 %
Return on investment (ROI) 2
3: 1
Caller satisfaction 3
98 %
Average savings per 100 contacts with nurse-first triage 4
$88, 750

Choose a Leading Nurse Triage Company for Your Health Plan

Conduit Health Partners understands the healthcare system from all angles – providers, payers and patients. By tapping the clinical expertise of RNs, we connect everyone in a circle of caring dedicated to delivering better outcomes at lower costs. 

Our leadership team is made up of experienced nurses and healthcare administrators committed to helping health plans:

  • Lower costs by helping members get the right level of care without delay.
  • Avoid inappropriate ED use and the associated costs for members and health plans.
  • Improve healthcare access for members affected by disparities in the healthcare system.
  • Boost member satisfaction and health literacy.
  • Enhance the plan’s reputation among its customers and within the markets it serves.

Learn More About Conduit's Nurse Triage Services

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your health system as you consider the potential for nurse triage services. Our leaders can introduce you to the team of clinical, operations and technology experts who support our customers and, by extension, hundreds of thousands of patients across the country.  

ED Avoidance (Calendar Year 2022)
0 %
Nurse Triage Cases Managed (2017-present)
0 k
Triage Satisfaction (2023)
0 /5

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1 2023 Conduit Health Partners Triage Service (combined clients)

2Based on a panel of 50,000 individuals with 5% utilization of Conduit Health Partners nurse-first triage. The total savings was $250,000 on a $75,000 investment in the service.

3 2023 Conduit Health Partners Post Call Survey (combined clients)

4 Assuming 71% of ED visits are unnecessary, and an average ED visit costs $1,250, a health plan or self-insured employer can save $88,750 per 100 contacts with nurse-first triage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nurse Triage Call Centers for Healthcare Systems and Hospitals

The reasons are as varied as the hospitals and health systems we serve. However, each customer aspires to expand its front line to get patients and prospective patients to the right level of care without delay 24/7/365.

Other reasons for adding nurse triage services to a hospital call center are:

  • Improving patient flow to health system clinicians and departments.
  • Lowering the number and frequency of inappropriate ED visits.
  • Providing patients with a convenient service to support their health.
  • Reducing disparities in access to care within their communities.

With lights on, doors open and dedicated healthcare professionals working 24/7, the emergency department can be the first place people think to go if they have a sick family member, become ill or have a health concern and want answers.

Nurse triage lines can help prevent unnecessary emergency department visits by forming a new and skillful first line for consultation, evaluation and guidance to the appropriate level of care — urgent care, a visit to a doctor during office hours, telehealth visits or informed self-care at home.

Triage nurses use evidence-based protocols with each patient who calls. If emergency care is warranted, triage nurses help patients secure safe transportation, including ambulance services.  

Many patients lack a primary care physician (PCP), nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. Many also are overwhelmed by the healthcare system and don’t know where to turn when they need care.

By advertising a nurse call line, hospitals can attract callers with limited access and healthcare literacy and suggest resources within the organization ready to care for them. Conduit Health Partners can also work as an extension of the hospital by making referrals to clinics or medical practices that are part of the hospital system.

Many neighborhoods, counties and even larger geographic areas across the United States have limited primary care providers (PCPs) and healthcare facilities, leaving residents stranded in “healthcare deserts.”   

Almost everyone, though, has a telephone and can search the internet for how to get medical care or answers near them. Triage nurses can be ready for those calls and become guides to the appropriate level of care available to people with healthcare needs or concerns.

At a hospital’s discretion, triage nurses can also arrange follow-up visits to clinics or medical practices within their system and refer patients to social services, transportation and other available services.

Hospitals adapt their contracts with nurse-first triage services from Conduit Health Partners to address their own needs and goals, such as:

  • Reducing inappropriate emergency department visits.
  • Preventing avoidable readmissions.
  • Lowering barriers to care, particularly for underserved individuals.
  • Visibly supporting patients on their journeys to health.
  • Expanding their reach and influence to the community at large.

With experience working with healthcare organizations across the United States, Conduit Health Partners can help a hospital or health system design its nurse triage services to meet its most urgent needs and financial goals.

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