Nurse Triage Services

Reduce Unnecessary & Costly Emergency Room Visits by offering 24-7 Nurse Triage Services

Providing immediate access to a RN 24/7 connects members of your organization with the right level of care when every minute counts.

Engaging with Conduit’s Nurse Triage Services allows employers, health plans, physician practices, and health systems to offer an additional health benefit to patients or members of their organization.

Our nurse call center solutions give patients and providers peace of mind that an experienced nurse will assess the caller’s symptoms to determine the right level of care, at the right time, and in the right setting for their needs. Research shows that callers who had the intention of visiting the emergency department for a low acuity condition were less likely to feel the need to do so after speaking with one of our nurses. When needed, our nurses can also expedite care.

Employer/HR Health Plans

Our Nurse-First Triage Services Help:

  • Reduce health care spend as part of an employee benefit or population health plan.
  • Reduce unnecessary and costly emergency department visits by giving your employees immediate access to a registered nurse who will help the caller determine the right level care and expedite care if needed.
  • Increase satisfaction because our services are customized to meet the unique needs of your employees or participants.
  • Provide customizable analytics including employee injury reporting and triage services.
Virtual Care
Nurse on phone

Health Systems

Our Nurse Call Center Solutions:

  • Give rapid access to triage-level nursing guidance.
  • Provide community health insights through data analytics.
  • Improve brand recognition.
  • Reduce unnecessary emergency department readmissions – after partnering with Conduit Health Partners, specific clinical groups reported an up to 15% reduction in readmissions from the emergency department.

What makes Conduit’s 24/7 Nurse Triage Services Different?

Exceptional caller experience

Timely access to clinical support provides support to callers enabling informed decisions, effective self-care, and optimal outcomes.

After hours nurse triage

Through your partnership with Conduit, our nurses serve as an extension to your team by managing patient calls and offering care advice outside of clinic hours. Outsourcing after hours nurse triage services helps improve nurse burnout and employee satisfaction while continuing to offer patients the care they need when they need it.

Nurse-first model

Conduit’s nurse triage solutions offer immediate access to a registered nurse who will use evidence-based decision support tools and clinical judgment to determine and recommend the most appropriate level of care needed.


Conduit’s analytics provide stakeholders with the critical information they need to drive operations and support strategic initiatives.

Operational excellence

We develop custom solutions collaboratively with clients to support your organizational goals and the health and wellbeing of those using the service.


Our health care call center is accredited through URAC, demonstrating that our nurse call center solutions are operated with a high level of expertise, and commitment to quality and to the user experience.

Nurse Access Line Performance Metrics

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Exceptional Patient Experience
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