Nurse Triage for Medical Groups

Nurse Triage Benefits for Medical Organizations

Nurse triage services significantly benefit your medical groups’ administrative efficiency, patient care and staff well-being.

  • Nurse-first triage helps ease the on-call pressure on medical groups, minimizing interruptions outside of work and promoting better work-life balance for professional staff.
  • Nurse triage services can serve as an extension of your team by handling patient calls so that you can focus on patient care in the office with limited interruptions.
  • Nurses use evidence-based decision support tools (the gold standard Schmitt-Thompson protocols) to evaluate patient symptoms. Nurses help guide patients to the proper care at home or the most appropriate level of care.

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After Hours Nurse Triage Assists Medical Staff

Patients have become more demanding and expect answers and access whenever they call their medical group’s phone number. This is a tough challenge for medical groups trying to relieve physician and nurse burnout and support better staff work-life balance.  With nurses triaging patients, practice staff can manage their time more effectively, addressing critical cases while ensuring timely care for others.

Medical groups also face robust competition for doctors and nurses. A medical group’s ability to offer better work-life balance using outsourced services such as nurse triage can help retain staff and recruit new doctors, RNs, advanced practice nurse practitioners (APRNs) and physician’s assistants.

In addition, medical groups are under pressure from payers to deliver better outcomes at lower costs. If medical groups have value-based care contracts, their reimbursements are based on cost-and-outcome measures.  Nurse triage services can support medical groups in seeing that patients get the proper care at the right time and place — the triple aim of healthcare.  

Our Results Attest to Our Effectiveness and Quality

Our clinical team works closely with you and provides access to detailed reports on calls and resolutions. Experiences with large organizations nationwide have led to solid results and satisfied patients and members.

ED avoidance 1
80- 90 %
Return on investment (ROI) 2
3: 1
Caller satisfaction 3
98 %
Average savings per 100 contacts with nurse-first triage 4
$88, 750
Nurse triage services have a 99% caller satisfaction rating

Who uses Nurse Triage Services?

Nurses have long been the linchpins in healthcare, the professionals who listen to patients and help see that they get the appropriate level of care in a timely manner. That’s why nurse triage services can also help:

Medical groups / provider practices

Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs)

Home care

Hospice and palliative care

Choose a Leading Nurse Triage Company for Your Medical Organization

Conduit Health Partners was founded and led by highly experienced nurses and health care experts.  They have seen the power of nurse-first triage in delivering better patient care and reducing the burden on medical staff in healthcare organizations around the United States:

  • More confident and satisfied patients.
  • Fewer interruptions during office hours when doctors and staff are treating patients.
  • Less on-call pressure on staff when nurse triage services handle calls after-hours.
  • A better balance and less stress in the lives of doctors, nurses and other medical group staff.

Learn More About Conduit's Nurse Triage Services

When you choose nurse-first triage services from Conduit Health Partners, you’ll have a dedicated account manager and a team of clinical, operations and technology experts aligned with your team to achieve stronger clinical and financial outcomes.

ED Avoidance (Calendar Year 2022)
0 %
Nurse Triage Cases Managed (2017-present)
0 k
Triage Satisfaction (2023)
0 /5

Frequently Asked Questions About Nurse Triage Services

Nurse triage, available as an outsourced service from Conduit Health Partners, supports better efficiency, patient care and staff well-being. These are a few of the frequently asked questions we hear from medical groups that are considering nurse triage services.    

A medical triage nurse is an experienced RN available immediately for patient calls 24/7/365. Triage nurses use clinically tested protocols to assess each patient’s situation and direct them to the appropriate next step, which may be:

  • Self-care at home
  • Follow-up care from the medical group
  • Telehealth services
  • Urgent care
  • Emergency department care

Triage nurses help medical groups by serving as extensions of their clinical staff on the days and times when physicians are busy with patients in the office or not immediately available because it’s after hours. Triage nurses help medical groups by:

  • Calming patients’ concerns and fears by listening closely and guiding them to the appropriate level of care
  • Relieving the pressure on medical group staff while they are busy with patients in the office or on call.
  • Enhancing patient confidence in and satisfaction with the medical group.
  • Documenting patient concerns and recommendations for next steps and relaying them to medical group staff.
  • Creating a better work environment for medical group staff and supporting to their well-being.

Medical groups often identify gaps in serving patients that call the practice Triage will support the practices during office hours enabling the practice staff to focus on care delivery for those on site without interruption.  After hours support enables access to care when the practice is closed minimizing provider escalation during on-call time.

Patients are often surprised and delighted when they call your medical group’s phone number and can speak to a nurse immediately. Triage nurses are trained and proficient in the following:

  • Connecting with patients at a human level over the phone.
  • Listening to them and understanding their fears.
  • Helping patients feel confident in their assessments and their directions.

Triage services are available 24/7/365. However to support the client; service may also be limited to office hours or after hours.

Our RNs are highly experienced in evaluating symptoms and offering clinical advice, and they meet the highest standards for quality, caller experience and professional expertise.

Serving over 300 facilities and having managed over 1 million calls, you can leverage our economies of scale for operational and cost efficiencies, saving the costs of hiring, training and retaining experienced nurses, offering you scalability and flexibility to adapt during peak times and after-hours while also offering your patients a valuable service.  

We offer a nurse-first model ensuring that your patients receive clinical advice in a timely manner.  Our RNs are highly experienced in evaluating symptoms and offering clinical advice, and they meet the highest standards for quality, caller experience and professional expertise.

Measuring blood pressure. Young woman have a visit with female doctor in modern clinic. Measuring blood pressure. Pressure gauge. Hypertension and high heart rate

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1 2023 Conduit Health Partners Triage Service (combined clients)

2Based on a panel of 50,000 individuals with 5% utilization of Conduit Health Partners nurse-first triage. The total savings was $250,000 on a $75,000 investment in the service.

3 2023 Conduit Health Partners Post Call Survey (combined clients)

4 Assuming 71% of ED visits are unnecessary, and an average ED visit costs $1,250, a health plan or self-insured employer can save $88,750 per 100 contacts with nurse-first triage.

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