Our Solutions

As an experienced health care leader, we partner with health systems, health plans, employers, and others to connect your patients and employees to the care they need, when they need it. Through our suite of innovative solutions that can be tailored to your unique needs, Conduit Health Partners serves as an extension of your team to improve care for the people you serve.

Customized Solutions

Don’t see the solution you need? Collaborate with us and we’ll help develop one.

Patient Transfer Center

We connect patients with the right provider and right level of care with our comprehensive nurse call center solutions tailored for hospitals and health systems.
  • Patient flow management solutions
  • Centralized Patient Transfer Center model
  • Single access for 24/7 transfers
  • Relieve administrative burdens for clients by managing transfers across the network of care
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Nurse-First Triage

Our Nurse-First Triage services help callers avoid unnecessary visits to the ER with direct access to 24/7 health care advice.
  • Nurse-first patient triage services
  • Nurse triage solutions for physicians, communities, health systems, payors
  • Nurse-first model with immediate access to an RN
  • After-hours nurse triage solutions
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Employer/HR Solutions

Our nurse triage solutions offer your employees 24/7 access to receive the right level of care for their individual health needs.
  • 24-7 Nurse-first triage for companies of all sizes/industries
  • Employee Benefit Plan 24/7 nurse-first triage line
  • Personalized 24/7 nurse-first triage solutions
  • Workplace injury triage
  • Bloodborne pathogen exposure hotline
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What makes Conduit’s solutions unique and different from competitors?

As health care leaders, we understand the ever-changing health care landscape and offer customized, cost-effective, and time-saving solutions to help your organization improve care for those you serve.

Nurse-First Model

Our nurse-first triage services give your patients and employees immediate access to a registered nurse to determine the most appropriate level of care needed.


Process improvements and business insights based on data used to strengthen your operations, and your bottom line.

Exceptional Patient Engagement

Patients get timely access to high-quality care when every minute counts.

Operational Excellence

Built on best practices to improve patient care while saving you and your staff time, stress and money.


Our health care call center is accredited through URAC, demonstrating a high level of expertise, and commitment to quality and to the user experience.

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