24-7 Nurse Triage Services

Reduce Unnecessary & Costly Emergency Room Visits with 24-7 Nurse Triage Services

Immediate access to a RN 24/7 connects individuals with the right level of care when every minute counts.

We believe helping people receive the right level of care at any time and in any place is a critical driver in lowering health care costs and improving patient engagement. With Conduit’s 24/7 Nurse Triage Services, we partner with employers, health plans, physician practices, and health systems to provide a 24/7 nurse-first model where callers have immediate, timely access to a registered nurse.

Conduit’s nurse call center solutions give patients and providers peace of mind that an experienced nurse will assess the caller’s symptoms to determine the right level of care, at the right time, and in the right setting for their needs. Research shows that callers who had the intention of visiting the emergency department for a low acuity condition were less likely to feel the need to do so after speaking with one of our nurses. When needed, our nurses can also expedite care.

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Employer / Human Resources / Health Plans

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Our Nurse-First Triage Services Help:

  • Reduce health care spend as part of an employee benefit or population health plan.
  • Reduce unnecessary and costly emergency department visits by giving your employees immediate access to a registered nurse who will help the caller determine the right level care and expedite care if needed.
  • Increase satisfaction because our services are customized to meet the unique needs of your employees or participants.
  • Provide customizable analytics including employee injury reporting and triage services

Physician Practices

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How We Help

  • Our nurse call center solutions give your patient callers rapid access to registered nurses who use symptom-based protocols to give evidence-based advice.
  • With an outsourced nurse triage line, our nurses serve as an extension of your team by handling patient calls so that you can focus on patient care in the office with limited interruptions.
  • Our nurses help reduce avoidable and expensive trips to the emergency department by recommending alternative care sources (provider visits, e-visits, clinic, urgent care) when appropriate.
  • Improve schedule utilization.
  • By augmenting your team, we help reduce nurse burnout amid nationwide staff shortages.
  • Our 24/7 and after-hours nurse-first triage services help improve the work-life balance for you and your team.
  • Customizable second-level nurse triage solutions. Provider practices can request second-level triage by a physician or APRN to ensure the best location of care.

Health Systems


Our Nurse Call Center Solutions:

  • Give rapid access to triage-level nursing guidance.
  • Provide community health insights through data analytics.
  • Improve brand recognition.
  • Reduce unnecessary emergency department readmissions – after partnering with Conduit Health Partners, specific clinical groups reported an up to 15% reduction in readmissions from the emergency department.

What makes Conduit’s 24/7 Nurse Triage Services Different?

  • Exceptional patient/caller engagementPatients get timely access to high-quality care when every minute counts. With our clinical and operational expertise, patients receive optimal care coordination to support improved quality outcomes.
  • After Hours Nurse TriageThrough your partnership with Conduit, our nurses serve as an extension to your team by managing patient calls and offering care advice outside of clinic hours. Outsourcing after hours nurse triage services helps improve nurse burnout and employee satisfaction while continuing to offer patients the care they need when they need it.
  • Nurse-First ModelOur nurse triage solutions give your patients and employees immediate access to a registered nurse who will determine the most appropriate level of care needed, often saving money by helping avoid unnecessary emergency department visits for your team members.
  • Data-drivenHealth care executives need data to inform strong strategic decisions for their organizations. Conduit’s daily, monthly, and as-needed analytics provides transparency to the transfer process and arms executives with the critical information they need to make physician recruiting, service line development, and operational improvement decisions. The who, what, how, when and why of transfers becomes clear, helping leaders drive organizational success. Using analytic strategies that focus on timely, efficient care, our team will expertly manage your patient transfers, direct admissions, or consultations 24/7 so that your team can focus on its most critical role: providing high-quality patient care..
  • Operational ExcellenceWe develop custom solutions collaboratively with clients to drive value, and we ensure ease of access to support volume growth and retention.
  • URAC-Accreditation Our health care call center is accredited through URAC, demonstrating that our nurse call center solutions are operated with a high level of expertise, and commitment to quality and to the user experience.

Latest News

3 Reasons your Company Should Offer this Employee Benefit

A comprehensive employee benefits package — including one that offers convenient health care services — plays a big role in recruitment, retention and workforce satisfaction. There’s one service in particular that you should include in your employee benefits package: a 24/7 Nurse Triage (Access) Line.

Health concerns don’t stick to a 9-to-5 schedule. By giving your employees access to medical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you can increase employee satisfaction, reduce costly trips to the emergency department, and support your company’s overall wellness initiatives.

Conduit Addresses the Nursing Shortage

The Great Resignation has led to millions of Americans re-evaluating their jobs and trying to find what they want in life. Nurses are at the top of this list. Nursing turnover has never been higher. Engagement and retention for nurses are incredibly important. Leaders at Conduit are actively creating solutions to increase the sense of belonging and job satisfaction that are the building blocks of keeping valuable and talented nurses on our teams.

From solutions such as Patient Transfer and After Hours Nurse Triage Services to Virtual Care, we are here to help you empower your nursing workforce to decrease dissatisfaction and turnover.

Nurse-first triage line improves clinical outcomes for Conduit partner

Conduit partnered with Medical Mutual to offer a 24/7 nurse-first triage line. In Medical Mutual’s first year using the 24/7 nurse-first line, almost half of the callers who intended to go to the emergency department were seamlessly redirected to more appropriate levels of non-emergency care after their conversations with experienced nurses.

Overall, Medical Mutual has seen its emergency department avoidance rate increase to nearly 90% since partnering with Conduit for nurse call center solutions in 2020.

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