Nurse Access Line

Making sure your employees get the care they need is a key driver in lowering health care costs. With our Nurse Access Line, your employees have access to health care advice 24 hours a day. They can speak directly to experienced nurses, discuss symptoms and determine the level of care they need—avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor, or worse, the emergency room. Whether the result is an at-home remedy, a trip to urgent care or a next-day appointment with a provider, you can reduce your spending as employees take the right steps toward appropriate care.

Physician practice triage

Nurse triage increases patient access to a clinical staff and decreases the demands of the front-line teams. It also ensures the patient is referred to the right care and the right time in the right setting. The result has been increased patient safety and satisfaction, as well as improved provider satisfaction.

Experienced, caring nurses

The Nurse Access Line is staffed by experienced nurses who are ready to help callers 24 hours day, seven days a week. These nurses guide each caller from the initial intake and throughout the encounter.

Our dedicated nursing team possesses:

  • Diverse clinical experience
  • Excellent critical thinking and clinical judgment skills
  • Adult and pediatric competency
  • Expertise in Schmitt-Thompson Decision Support Tools

Custom solutions can be developed for:

  • Readmission mitagation
  • Virtual care
  • Marketing outreach for specific clinical conditions


By partnering with the Nurse Triage Line, your organization can:

  • Reduce health care spend as part of an employee benefit or population health plan
  • Reduce unnecessary ED visits – Caller surveys reveal callers who had the intention of visiting the ED were less likely to do so after speaking with one of our nurses
  • Reduce readmissions – A case study focusing on specific clinical groups reflected a 4-15% reduction in readmissions from the ED after partnering with Conduit Health Partners
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