Working together to transform care

Medical Mutual, Conduit and DispatchHealth are at the forefront of transforming health care. Medical Mutual identified a need in its member population and brought together innovative companies in the health care space to help achieve their goals. Working together, these three organizations have positively impacted the Medical Mutual member population.

Improve Health and Satisfaction with Patient Transfer Solutions

emergency technicians with patients in ambulance

No one can deny that the COVID-19 pandemic put unprecedented strain on the health care system. In its wake came the current “triple-demic” of COVID, flu and RSV, coupled with a severe nursing shortage. Added to these strains, hospitals face a decrease in licensed beds, shrinking margins and supply chain issues.

Meanwhile, patient transfer processes can disrupt your emergency department’s (ED) efficiency. Your ED doctors and nurses work tirelessly to help patients but are often distracted by managing transfers. A lack of available beds, delayed acceptance from neighboring facilities and limited transportation options often leave patients waiting hours for care.

What to Look for When Choosing a Hospital at Home Virtual Nursing Partner?

hospital at home service

Though Hospital at Home programs have been around for years, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated their adoption across the country to help ensure continuity of care amid rising infection rates. Since then, they’ve remained a valuable and effective option for patient care, improving patient outcomes and engagement.

Why Choose a Centralized Patient Transfer System

patient transfer system

Managing patient transfers is complex, challenging and potentially inefficient. It can be time-consuming and difficult to measure the effectiveness of your transfer processes. If you can’t see potential problems, you can’t make improvements. Learn why you should choose a centralized patient transfer system today.

Conduit Health Partners and Palomar Health Bring Nurse Triage Service to North San Diego County

nurse triage service

Palomar Health is launching a 24/7 nurse triage service for people in North San Diego County, through a collaboration with Conduit Health Partners. This expansion of access to quality health care will begin on October 1, 2022 and will include employees of Palomar Health and connect the community to experienced registered nurses to listen to every caller’s needs and offer care advice.

Optimize Patient Outcomes and Reduce Costs with Hospital at Home

hospital at home services

The unexpected upside of the pandemic has been accelerated innovation and connectivity that changed our ways of interacting. The concept of providing hospital care at home, introduced more than 20 years ago, gained traction in response to the concern for widespread hospital overcrowding and an attempt to mitigate the risk of life-threatening infection. We’re seeing more evidence that hospital-at-home models optimize patient outcomes and reduce costs to health care organizations.