Why Choose a Centralized Patient Transfer System

patient transfer system

Managing patient transfers is complex, challenging and potentially inefficient. It can be time-consuming and difficult to measure the effectiveness of your transfer processes. If you can’t see potential problems, you can’t make improvements. Learn why you should choose a centralized patient transfer system today.

Conduit Health Partners and Palomar Health Bring Nurse Triage Service to North San Diego County

nurse triage service

Palomar Health is launching a 24/7 nurse triage service for people in North San Diego County, through a collaboration with Conduit Health Partners. This expansion of access to quality health care will begin on October 1, 2022 and will include employees of Palomar Health and connect the community to experienced registered nurses to listen to every caller’s needs and offer care advice.

Optimize Patient Outcomes and Reduce Costs with Hospital at Home

hospital at home services

The unexpected upside of the pandemic has been accelerated innovation and connectivity that changed our ways of interacting. The concept of providing hospital care at home, introduced more than 20 years ago, gained traction in response to the concern for widespread hospital overcrowding and an attempt to mitigate the risk of life-threatening infection. We’re seeing more evidence that hospital-at-home models optimize patient outcomes and reduce costs to health care organizations.

Simplify Patient Transfers from Rural to Metro Hospitals

Events such as a pandemic, weather-related disaster or other mass health crisis can quickly overwhelm rural hospitals. The American Hospital Association reports that 46% of these facilities have 25 or fewer staffed beds. At any time, they may be at capacity or unable to offer the specialty care and trauma services a patient requires.

How Can Employers Reduce Health Care Costs?


Your employees can generate unnecessary costs to your business without even knowing it. The tradition of “heading to the emergency department” isn’t always the best choice, but people often don’t know where else to turn when they need medical assistance (or think they do). These ED visits are the costliest option for your employees and your company, and may be unnecessary.

5 Ways Virtual Care Can Reduce Health Disparities

Virtual Care

Over the last two years, the U.S. healthcare system has worked around the clock to care for countless patients. The struggle has been intense, and hospitals and health systems nationwide have risen to the challenge.
Still, the heavy influx of patients resurfaced a long-standing problem. Healthcare disparities remain significant, drastically reducing access to quality care services for racial, ethnic and cultural minority groups.