Nurse Disrupted and Conduit Health Partners featured on the Today Show’s Heroes Among Us segment 

Improving access to care for all populations of people is at the forefront of many communities, yet health disparities still exist. Nurse Disrupted, a telehealth solution designed for underserved populations, meets health disparities head-on. Bre Loughlin, Nurse Disrupted founder, was recently featured on the Today Show during its Heroes Among Us segment. She spoke about how Nurse Disrupted and Conduit are transforming care for people experiencing homelessness.

About the Nurse Disrupted & Conduit Partnership

Through health care kiosks, people experiencing homelessness can conveniently talk with a Conduit nurse about their medical concerns and questions. Nurse Disrupted delivers the technology to make this possible, and Conduit Health Partners provides registered nurses to care for patients.

This technology and partnership are revolutionary because, traditionally, costly emergency services would have been necessary to meet these individuals’ needs. This Nurse Triage Service eases the burden of emergency department staff struggling to manage high patient volumes.

View Nurse Disrupted & Conduit Health Partners’ feature on the Today Show

Check out the Today Show segment and watch real-world stories showcasing how these two innovative organizations are helping underserved populations gain access to health care:

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