What to Look for When Choosing a Hospital at Home Virtual Nursing Partner?

Though Hospital at Home programs have been around for years, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated their adoption across the country to help ensure continuity of care amid rising infection rates. Since then, they’ve remained a valuable and effective option for patient care, improving patient outcomes and engagement.

And it’s no wonder why. The ability to deliver a range of hospital-level services to patients in their homes can help address various challenges facing patients and health care systems. For example, Hospital at Home services provide quality care that is often significantly more cost-effective. Studies have shown Hospital at Home services reduce patient costs by up to 30%.

But for Hospital at Home programs to work effectively, they need to be adequately staffed by qualified providers, particularly nurses. This poses challenges to many hospital systems; currently, one in five hospitals in the U.S. experience a shortage of critical health care workers, including nurses. As a result, nurses face an increased workload that can significantly impact patient care, readmission rates and patient outcomes and lead to more adverse events. It also affects a nurse’s quality of life. These all impact quality care and the bottom line.

Effectively positioned, Hospital at Home programs can reserve hospital beds for those needing higher acuity care and reduce ED and PACU boarding. This helps reduce the strain on under-resourced hospital nursing staff and allows them to focus on the needs of the most critical patients.

Current trends suggest that many Hospital at Home programs can benefit from a virtual nursing solution to help maintain safe and effective patient care. If you are currently considering a virtual nursing solution to support your Hospital at Home program, Conduit Health Partners offers customized solutions and experienced acute care nurses to support your Hospital at Home program. A program such as Conduit’s can help you increase your hospital capacity, improve patient care and lessen the impact of the nursing shortage burden.

How can Conduit Health Partners augment care in your Hospital at Home program?

Our Hospital at Home program provides a team of virtual nurses who support your Hospital at Home efforts by providing acute hospital-level care to patients in their home. Our virtual nurses are highly experienced in acute care and deliver quality, patient-centered care, with a focus on patient satisfaction. Also, using virtual nurses helps expand your hospital’s overall bed capacity, which can help prevent emergency department holds.

Our virtual nurses provide care for patients who meet admission criteria and are clinically appropriate to receive care in their own home. This can apply to several different patient situations, including:

  • Oncology patients
  • Post-operative patients
  • Patients experiencing exacerbations of chronic conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure

Conduit Health Partners can customize its Hospital at Home service to fit your needs

Conduit’s Hospital at Home services supports your health care system by providing your teams with virtual nurses who provide acute nursing care. You can expect Conduit to:

  • Work with your existing technology vendor to deliver virtual nursing solutions
  • Recommend a vendor, if needed, to augment the acute hospital care you provide at your institution
  • Work with your organization to design turnkey virtual care solutions that fit your needs and work within your existing technology infrastructure

Conduit Health Partners prioritizes a rigorous recruiting process to ensure your patients receive care from highly qualified acute care nurses. We also offer ongoing training and education to nurses in our programs.

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