Women’s History Month — Heather Kelsey, Clinical Director of Nurse Triage

At Conduit Health Partners, we take pride in our team members and value their contributions. Heather Kelsey is one of many employees we celebrate during Women’s History Month.

In a previous role, Heather jumped in and led a team of COVID-19 testers who traveled throughout the country in the fight against the pandemic. As vaccine clinics launched, her team worked in Cincinnati and the Eastern U.S. to deliver immunizations.

“We focused on best practices to make sure we helped people as much as possible. It was exhausting — but amazing — to be a part of this unprecedented effort.”

Fortunately, the crisis abated. Heather moved on to Conduit, where she is now the clinical director of nurse triage, virtual care, and scheduling operational teams. She partners with Conduit clients to help them achieve timely access to high-quality care for their patients. “I love the combination of using my skills in a senior leadership role while ultimately impacting patient care,” she said. “Each of our roles are vital to patient care. Scheduling, remote patient monitoring, it’s all an important part of the process.”

An excellent example

Heather attributes her success in part to an exceptional mentor in her first nursing job.

“She always had her finger on the pulse of the hospital — at all times. All the way to the patient level. Even in a senior leadership role, if she saw something on the floor, she would pick it up. If she saw a patient who needed a dinner tray, she would go ahead and take it off the cart. It didn’t matter what her position was. She validated everyone’s worth. She is now the President and CEO of that hospital.”

As Heather found, women have come a long way in the professional world, but confidence can still be a struggle.

The a-ha moment

Heather says that learning about imposter syndrome really shifted her perspective on her value in the workplace. “Every role I’ve moved up to, I’ve struggled with that. Regardless of my experience, I didn’t feel qualified to be in the room.” She encourages women to be aware of their skills and abilities and to resist underestimating themselves. She says that being confident in the skills she brings to each role has made a big difference.

“In roles like mine, you have the ability to impact the patients you care for, the people you work with, and the people you lead in a very powerful way — either negative or positive. You’re there for a reason.”

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