Empowering Teams and Transforming Care: Heather Kelsey’s Journey at Conduit Health Partners

As the Director of Operations for Nurse Triage and Patient Outreach & Engagement at Conduit Health Partners, Heather Kelsey’s, MSN, RN role involves strategic planning and enabling her teams to provide exceptional care. Over the past three years, Heather has embraced her role, advancing from her previous position as a clinical manager. Transitioning to this leadership role has expanded her responsibilities, emphasizing strategic planning while nurturing her team’s emotional intelligence and communication skills. Heather believes these abilities are essential not only for personal growth but also for the collective development of her team. By fostering a culture of empathy and open dialogue, Heather has seen first-hand how it enhances team cohesion and improves patient care. 

Heather Conduit Profile

A Journey of Inspiration and Growth

Her journey to this role was inspired by the strong nurse-woman-led executive team at Conduit and a desire to make a broader impact. After eight years as a clinical manager, Heather pursued a Master’s in Nurse Executive Leadership in 2020 to prepare for an expanded role. The Director of Operations position became available as she was completing her degree, allowing her to obtain her Master’s degree and achieve her career goal of being a director.

The Joy of Developing Others and Problem-Solving

When reflecting on her role, Heather loves helping others grow in their positions and creatively solving problems for Conduit’s clients to meet the needs of their patients, communities and members. She believes the most rewarding aspect of her work is the ability to influence the care of numerous patients through effective leadership and support of her team. Her passion for nursing, which began at the age of 20, continues to drive her as she strives to provide healing and compassion to those in need.

“Being a nurse is part of my DNA and it has been a gift to provide healing and compassion to people in some of their most vulnerable times,” shares Heather.

Excitement for the Future at Conduit

Looking ahead, she is excited about the potential to expand Conduit’s business and reach more people through innovative technology, all while maintaining a high standard of care for those who need it most.

Outside of work, Heather enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, taking care of her chickens, and reading historical fiction. Heather’s faith motivates her daily, pushing her to do the best she can in every aspect of her life, whether at work or in her community.

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