There are many reasons you may be considering outsourcing certain functions like patient transfer services. In addition to having more time to focus on your most critical role of providing high-quality patient care, there are financial benefits when you outsource with a trusted partner like Conduit Health Partners.
Too many people face the unfortunate scenario of getting sick outside their doctor’s office hours. Lacking other options, some may head to the emergency department before their situation gets worse. Health concerns don’t stick to a 9-to-5 schedule. For employers, physician practices, health systems, and other organizations, a 24/7 Nurse Access Line is an important...
Making it easier for patients to manage their own care has become increasingly important for hospitals and health systems. Patients expect and demand convenient solutions to get the care they need when they need it, which often starts with a phone call to a health care call center. There are many benefits to having a...
A comprehensive employee benefits package — including one that offers convenient health care services — plays a big role in recruitment, retention and workforce satisfaction. There’s one service in particular that you should include in your employee benefits package: a 24/7 Nurse Access Line.
Virtual care — while not new prior to the pandemic — significantly increased in popularity as providers turned to safe alternatives for delivering health care amidst COVID-19. Virtual care is a broad term that encompasses many ways that health care providers and patients interact real-time through digital tools. Examples include care delivered via video, audio,...
Outsourcing functions like patient transfer services can help providers save money and streamline operations, allowing them to focus on their most critical role: providing high-quality patient care. Organizations that partner with an experienced company such as Conduit Health Partners can see immediate benefits to their patient transfers, which in turn support long-term retention and growth
Enjoy this short video we created to celebrate all the fabulous nurses out there. We appreciate the work you do to improve the health care and lives of the people we serve. 
Conduit's Chief Strategy Officer, Kari Beam, is featured with Lirio's Patrick Hunt in an on-demand session titled "Macro Trends and the Patient Experience."
Check out Becker’s Healthcare podcast featuring Dominique Wells, chief operating officer, and Kari Beam, chief strategy officer. The duo discusses merging organizations, growth, and innovation in a COVID-19 world.
Through the Health Collaborative, Cincinnati-area health care systems collaborated closely and tirelessly to coordinate a COVID-19 response. The goal was to ensure their ability to deliver the best possible evidence-based care for area residents.
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