Why Human Connections in Nurse-Triage Matter in a World of AI and Technology

The need for tools that effectively route patients to the right care at the right time has intensified. Yet, relying solely on a tech-enabled approach heightens the potential for missed human connections.

Dominique Wells

Dominique Wells, chief operating officer of Conduit Health Partners, shares in a Managed Healthcare Executive article the impact of AI on health care.

Three out of four patients don’t trust AI in health care settings, especially when they fear it replaces human decision-making. Organizations increasingly rely solely on AI-powered technologies to assess urgent care needs — risking patient trust.

“Tele-triage” technologies like interactive voice response (IVR) and robotic process automation (RPA) improve patient access, but they must be user-centric. IVR for prescription refills and appointment scheduling streamline processes, but live assistance options are crucial.

A 24/7 Nurse Triage model, combining IVR or RPA with real-time nurse support, is vital for positive patient experiences and better health outcomes.

“A patient who calls a community line or their provider after hours doesn’t want to navigate an automated system when they need care advice in the moment. It delays them from their goal: getting an answer that only a medical professional can provide,” shares Dominique. “That’s why a 24/7 model for nurse triage — one that combines IVR or RPA gateways with the option to speak with a nurse in real time — is crucial to delivering positive patient experiences and better health outcomes.”

The Need for a Personal Touch

Patients want personalized attention without technological barriers. They want someone who they feel listens to and respects them, free from long waits or technological go-betweens prolonging their care.

The Impact of Nurse Triage Support

After-hours nurse triage services ensure instant availability of registered nurses, removing delays in care and directing patients promptly. This approach supports quality care, enhances patient experience, and aids nurse retention.

Enhancing After-Hours Care with Personal Touch

Human connections are critical in care diagnosis and delivery. While tech tools are necessary, live clinical support after hours can significantly improve care, patient experiences, and staff satisfaction in ambulatory facilities.

In navigating the evolving landscape of health care, integrating technology with personalized care remains paramount. Contact Conduit to learn how Nurse Triage can enhance patient experience and outcomes.

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