Health care call center solutions to improve patient engagement

Making it easier for patients to manage their own care has become increasingly important for hospitals and health systems. Patients expect and demand convenient solutions to get the care they need when they need it, which often starts with a phone call to a health care call center. There are many benefits to having a robust system that is both responsive to calls and proactive in improving patient engagement.

Connect the patient to the right care in a timely, convenient manner

A dedicated engagement line helps patients connect with the right provider at the right time, and for the most appropriate and convenient care options. This can result in improved patient engagement, but also better access to care, more scheduled appointments, and increased patient satisfaction.

Establish trust and credibility

A health care call center representative may be the first contact a patient has when scheduling an appointment or inquiring about care. Experienced representatives who exhibit exceptional patient-centered customer service will help put patients at ease and assure them that they are getting expert advice and the right level of care when they need it most.

Support educational initiatives

Having a dedicated engagement line not only helps callers find care and schedule appointments, but it can also support educational and marketing initiatives to help patients become better informed and more directly and proactively involved in their care. If a patient calls to schedule a medical appointment, for example, a trained call center professional may also take the opportunity to share additional information that’s important to the patient’s overall care plan. 

Improve care through patient outreach

Health care call center representatives who proactively contact patients on an organization’s behalf can help patients take important steps in their care that may keep them healthier longer. Representatives can reach out to patients to ask if they have questions or concerns about their care or to schedule follow-up appointments, including with patients who are past due for appointments like mammograms or annual wellness visits.

Improve satisfaction through feedback

A health care call center can also conduct satisfaction surveys via interactive voice recognition (IVR) with options to connect the patient to a live clinical or non-clinical resource for additional support. Survey feedback can help organizations in their efforts to make operational improvements that improve patient engagement and satisfaction.

Conduit Health Partners call center and scheduling solutions 

At Conduit Health Partners, we work with clients to customize and quickly implement call center and scheduling solutions such as consumer engagement lines, patient outreach services, and provider office scheduling. Conduit’s health care leaders and clinicians apply their extensive operational backgrounds and experience developing clinical and evidence-based protocols to continuously evaluate data and metrics that help clients make real-time adjustments to realize financial savings and increased ROI.

Seamless integration of services

Consider pairing Conduit’s call center and scheduling services with other services such as our 24/7 nurse triage services to provide a seamless solution for patient care. If a caller needs to speak with a clinician to determine the best course of action for their medical concern, Conduit can connect the caller to an experienced nurse who will use evidence-based clinical protocols to assess the patient’s need and urgency of appointment without disrupting a busy provider office.

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