Using Data to Drive Patient Acquisition, Retention and Growth

What does it mean to be “data-driven?”

So many health care services companies say they are driven by data but then fail to explain how they use data to help their customers make business decisions.

Custom Health Care Services to Increase Patient Acquisition

An innovator in the health care space, Conduit Health Partners’ use of data is a driving factor in helping to determine the correct type of care each patient should receive, when they should receive it, if that care is best delivered in the hospital or at home, and how that care will impact the bottom line for both the health care services provider and the patient.

Created to help organizations improve patient access to the proper care at the right time, Conduit offers customized health care solutions for health systems, health plans, employers, and other health care organizations. Conduit’s core suite of services includes:

  • Patient Transfer Services—designed to improve throughput, patient acquisition, and retention
  • 24-7 Nurse-First Triage—reduces visits to the ER by providing direct access to health care advice via a 24/7 call center
  • Virtual Care—customized remote patient monitoring and hospital-at-home services that utilize a hospital’s existing technology for ease of implementation
  • Employer/HR Solutions—include Employee Nurse Line, Workplace Injury Triage, and a Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Nurse Line.

Conduit’s Patient Retention Strategies are Backed by Data

When it comes to implementing a data-driven approach to strategy, Conduit puts its words to action, using data to help predict and manage patient volume so Conduit’s clients can avoid delays in care delivery. We partner with clients to create an oversight council that promotes optimized processes, quality care, and growth. Together, we review the detailed data package to identify:

  • service line gaps and opportunities for growth
  • ways to increase retention and decrease the outmigration of appropriate patients
  • surge capacity and capability
  • predictive metrics to manage patient volumes, such as receiving and referring facility, time to physician acceptance, and time to bed placement.

By identifying each of these areas for our clients, our team then creates custom patient retention strategies designed to increase patient acquisition while also improving retention and growth.

Learn More About How Conduit Uses Data to Drive Patient Acquisition, Retention and Growth

When asked why the data Conduit provides is so critical to the success of its clients, Cheryl Dalton-Norman, President of Conduit Health Partners, said, “We’re proud of the fact that we use data to inform the strategies and approaches we provide to our clients, ensuring, in turn, they’re able to deliver the best quality care to their patients. Our team expertly manages the patient flow, direct admissions, or consultations 24/7 so that hospitals can focus on their most critical roles—caring for patients and delivering peace of mind to families.”

For Bon Secours Mercy Health – Lorain Hospital, partnering with Conduit evolved into actionable data that enabled the hospital to improve and streamline its patient transfer process. Mercy – Lorain’s president, Dr. Gil Palmer, starts each day by reviewing the hospital’s patient transfer log, provided by Conduit, to identify what patients were transferred in and out of the hospital.

“Okay, we had two neurosurgical patients transfer out last night. Why? What was the reason for that? Without (Conduit’s) Transfer Center,” says Dr. Palmer, “I couldn’t do that.”

Start Increasing Patient Acquisition for Your Organization

Conduit Health Partners’ insights are robust. And at the end of the day, the data established and shared by Conduit helps health care organizations make strategic decisions that directly impact hospital operations, costs, and patients’ lives.

If you would like to increase patient acquisition and retention, we encourage you to contact our team to start a conversation. We are happy to explain our services in further detail and how we use data and data-driven strategies to positively impact client and patient outcomes.

Contact us today to learn how Conduit Health Partners can help your organization.