Meet Breanna Jeffrey, a service expert at Conduit Health Partners

We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories as much as we do.

To celebrate Black History Month, Conduit Health Partners is excited to feature some of our incredible employees.

We asked our employees, to share stories of what gets them excited each day, what they are most proud of, why they enjoy working at Conduit, and highlight how a figure in black history shaped their career or life.

What makes you excited each day?

Each day that I wake up, I get to see my beautiful baby boy’s smile ready to explore new things. He is my ‘why’ and the reason I continue to work hard daily. I am unbelievably proud of the bond we have created. As a single mom, we rely on each other so much and therefore, are the best of friends.

What do you enjoy about working at Conduit Health Partners (CHP)?

CHP has allowed me to continue to strengthen that bond with my son because I have such strong support from my colleagues, I feel that I am able to achieve great things in work and that carries over into my personal life with my son.

Is there a figure in black history that you admire?

Breona Taylor

I have been thinking about Black History Month particularly hard this year because my son is biracial and this will be his first Black History Month. I want him to see himself in the big moments of history, so I like to show him the work of Renee Cox. She is a Jamaican-American artist who takes artworks and reinvents them with intersectionality in mind- meaning she brings to light gender and race diversity within each piece. Not only does this provide a sense of inclusion and representation for women and people of color throughout history’s artistic canon, but it reminds us that history has been told by a very specific point of view that does not coincide with those people whose identities do not match that of the storyteller. She truly is an inspiration not only for those black artists who look up to her but to those of us who want to learn how we can correct a whitewashed history.


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