How to Leverage Nurse Triage for Workplace Injury Management

Bon Secours Mercy Health faced a significant challenge in maintaining employee health while effectively managing workplace injuries within its extensive operations of 60,000 employees nationwide. The diversity in processes and lack of standardized protocols hindered the employee health team’s ability to ensure consistent care and manage costs.  In addition, it resulted in the frequent use of emergency departments for injuries that could have been treated at lower acuity facilities or through self-care, leading to unnecessary strain on emergency resources and increasing healthcare costs within their health plan.

To address these challenges, Bon Secours Mercy Health partnered with Conduit Health Partners to leverage their nurse-first triage service to manage their work injury line throughout the organization. Employees were provided with a single number to call in case of a workplace injury. Conduit’s registered nurses would then manage initial injury reports, providing appropriate care recommendations. This partnership also provided valuable documentation and data insights, enabling Bon Secours Mercy Health to identify and address workplace health risks more effectively.

The implementation of the work injury line yielded significant results for Bon Secours Mercy Health.  There was a 32% reduction in emergency department visits for workplace injuries, which significantly cut healthcare costs. Encouraged by this success, Bon Secours Mercy Health expanded Conduit’s role to manage their bloodborne pathogen exposure line.

Overall, the new processes not only achieved substantial cost savings but also increased satisfaction among leaders and employees. The streamlined process and guidance ensured that employees received appropriate care promptly, enhancing overall workplace health management. Click here to learn more about how Bon Secours Mercy Health maximized efficiency and minimized cost for workplace injury management through Conduit’s nurse-first triage solution. 

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