The Critical Issues Facing Health Care Professionals Today – Podcast with Dr. Nick on HealthcareNOW Radio

To navigate the complex health care landscape, it’s crucial to stay informed and learn from industry experts who have firsthand experience.

On an episode of the Healthcare NOW Podcast, host, Dr. Nick van Terheyden, also known as Dr. Nick, delves into the critical issues facing health care professionals with Dominique Wells, chief operating officer at Conduit Health Partners, to shed light on the intricacies of running a health care company, the impact of the pandemic, and the importance of collaboration in problem-solving.

Dominique Wells

Knocking on Doors: Embracing Engagement and Teamwork

In the episode, Dr. Nick and Dominique Wells emphasize the significance of being proactive and engaged within the health care industry. They discuss the value of “knocking on doors” and actively seeking opportunities to collaborate, ensuring that the right people are brought to the table to solve problems effectively. By fostering a culture of engagement and teamwork, health care professionals can address challenges head-on and work towards innovative solutions.

Pandemic Response: Rising to the Challenge

During the conversation, Dr. Nick and Dominique delve into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health care sector. They explore how Conduit Health Partners responded a 4x increase in call volume on the very first day. The episode then covers the strategies and adaptations implemented by Conduit to handle this influx and provide the necessary care and support during such a critical time.

Closing the Loop in a Virtual Care World

As the world increasingly embraces virtual care, Dr. Nick and Dominique discuss the vital concept of “closing the loop.” They shed light on the challenges and opportunities presented by virtual care, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that comprehensive care and support is provided, even in a remote setting. By focusing on closing the loop, health care providers can bridge gaps in care coordination and deliver a seamless care experience.

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