Looking to Outsource Your Patient Transfer Services? Here are 3 Financial Benefits

There are many reasons you may be considering outsourcing certain functions like patient transfer services. In addition to having more time to focus on your most critical role of providing high-quality patient care, there are financial benefits when you outsource with a trusted partner like Conduit Health Partners.

1. Support long-term retention and growth

One of the biggest determining factors that facilities make when requesting patient transfers is the time it takes to get a physician’s agreement to accept an incoming patient. Hospitals and hospital systems with engaged physicians who say yes, and clinicians who help facilitate fast and efficient patient transfers, are more likely to get repeated requests and see increased transfer volume. The problem? Most hospitals and hospital systems don’t have the in-house resources, operational capacity, or expertise to implement improved processes.

Organizations that outsource transfer services with an experienced company like Conduit Health Partners can see immediate benefits to their patient transfers, which in turn may support long-term retention and growth. 

2. Save money through more efficient use of resources

When you team up with a partner like Conduit, we’ll help you implement more streamlined and effective transfer processes, increasing your organization’s operational capacity and enabling you to use resources more efficiently.

We customize a data-driven approach and streamlined process so that you spend less time on cumbersome administrative burdens and paperwork. We help you reduce patient navigation time and retain patient transfers so that you have more time to focus on the direct care your patients need. With a trusted partner like Conduit, we help alleviate stress through operational efficiencies that not only save money but increase productivity and satisfaction.

3. Cost-effective processes developed by experts who use data, research and best practices

Our team is comprised of health care leaders with strong operational backgrounds who understand the complexities of your business. Using a nurse first model, our clinicians recognize the specialized clinical needs of patients, and their expertise supports operational efficiencies in your transfer processes. Most importantly, they help ensure exceptional patient care.

By leaving it up to the experts, we give you peace of mind that your transfer processes are running smoothly. Our subject matter experts implement best practice processes, and we stay up to date on the latest industry-wide trends. We’ll analyze your patient transfer data and develop customized analytics and cost-effective processes for you to easily and immediately identify opportunities to improve and streamline patient transfers, saving you time and money.

Why choose Conduit Health partners for your patient transfer service needs?

When considering outsourcing functions like patient transfer services, it’s important to seek experienced partners that have a keen understanding of your operational and logistical needs, and of your overall business goals. As an experienced healthcare leader, Conduit Health Partners takes an innovative approach in partnering with organizations to improve patient care. We develop high-quality, concierge-level solutions tailored to help individuals, communities, health systems, and employers.

At Conduit Health Partners, our approach to patient navigation is built on reliable, data-driven strategies that focus on patients’ wellbeing and coordinating their timely, efficient transfer. Our team of health care professionals offers the resources needed to help your health system coordinate patient care, improve patient transfers, and facilitate direct admissions to your acute facilities.

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