Improving Patient Care from the Comfort of Their Own Home

The care paradigm shifting from the hospital to hospital-at-home was a positive development from the pandemic. “When care is centered around the patient and their needs, patients are able to take a more proactive role in their own health from the comfort of their own home,” shares Cheryl Dalton-Norman, president of Conduit, in an article with McKnight’s Home Care.

Cheryl believes that hospital-at-home technology will play a major role in helping nurses avoid hitting the “wall” that comes from being overworked. Some current tech even allows them to literally bypass walls to provide care.

“A lot of things can be done by virtual nursing support to support the clinician at the bedside,” Cheryl shares. “And what we find at Conduit is that we have a robust pipeline of nurses who are interested in having the opportunity to do virtual nursing. That’s the beautiful thing about nursing; there are so many different ways you can deliver care.”

However, this high-quality care may be hard to access in certain parts of the country. That is why Conduit has formed partnerships with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) across the nation.

“Health systems and partners like Conduit have to be innovative together and we have to be willing to try things and do things differently,” shares Cheryl. “The same old, same old, is not going to get us where we need to be and it’s not going to meet the acute demands of the community.

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