Conduit President Shares Personal Reflection for Women’s History Month

Cheryl Dalton-Norman

Women’s History Month is a time to recognize and celebrate women, past and present, for their contributions to society and continue to inspire others. Conduit president and founder, Cheryl Dalton-Norman, reflects on an inspirational woman in her own life. Cheryl’s aunt, a young widowed single mother, and teacher worked very hard to serve her family and community. When Cheryl was growing up, her aunt taught her that she can put limits on what she did and didn’t do and that it is alright to say “no.” “She taught me that I needed to advocate for myself and stand up for what is right,” shares Cheryl.

“There is pressure to be everything to everybody and try to meet everyone’s needs, often at the expense of yourself,” shares Cheryl. “Taking care of people is an amazing thing, but you must take care of yourself. Model the type of behavior we want to see young women growing up today exhibit.”

As a professional and leader, Cheryl believes in seeing strong women advocate for each other and making sure they are doing the right thing, not everything.

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