Conduit Health Partners featured on NBC15 in Wisconsin for Nurse-First Triage Services Offered to Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

One of the goals behind the creation of Conduit Health Partners was to improve access to care for all populations of people. With our partners Nurse Disrupted and The Salvation Army we have come closer to that goal. Through our 24/7 Nurse-First Triage service, Conduit Health Partners is providing 24/7 nursing services to homeless shelters.

Celebrating the achievement, President, Cheryl Dalton-Norman had this to say: “It takes a really strong nursing competency to remotely look at a patient, talk with a patient, really get to the root of what the issue is, and then appropriately direct them to care.”

To learn more about our partnership, check out this recent news clip on NBC15 in Madison, Wisconsin.

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