Conduit Featured in Catholic Health World about Revolutionizing Health Care Access

At Conduit Health Partners, we’re committed to understanding patients’ needs and helping them receive access to care. A recent Catholic Health World article shares the story of how Conduit was formed and how we’re revolutionizing access to care.

Cheryl Dalton-Norman

When a recent snowstorm swept through Texas, health care services were disrupted across the state. CHRISTUS Health, faced with the daunting task of rescheduling appointments and addressing patient concerns, turned to Conduit Health Partners. Leveraging Conduit’s expertise, CHRISTUS successfully managed over 3,000 patient calls in a single day, ensuring continuity of care and boosting patient satisfaction in the process.

Lisa Lilley, CHRISTUS vice president of Ambulatory Quality and Risk, attests to the transformative impact of Conduit’s services, noting a significant increase in patient satisfaction since our collaboration began. “We even found that since patients had access to these nurses by phone, patient satisfaction increased,” said Lisa Lilley. “It was a huge win.”

This success story is not unique to CHRISTUS; over two dozen organizations, including health systems and companies across various sectors, have embraced Conduit’s services.

Cheryl Dalton-Norman, president of Conduit, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Drawing from her background in nursing and executive leadership, Cheryl recognized the untapped potential in outsourcing call center functions. Under her guidance, we expanded our services, offering nurse triage, patient transfer, virtual care, and more.

One key aspect of Conduit’s approach is our “nurse-first” philosophy. By entrusting clinical calls to registered nurses, patients receive prompt, knowledgeable assistance, enhancing their experience and freeing up internal staff for other tasks.

Beyond traditional health care settings, Conduit’s impact extends to vulnerable populations. Partnering with Catholic Charities, our nurses provide on-the-spot care at shelters, mitigating unnecessary emergency department visits and driving significant cost savings.

Many Conduit executives and nurses, like Cheryl herself, come from Catholic health care backgrounds, bringing invaluable expertise to their work with vulnerable patients. At various Catholic Charities locations, Nurse Disrupted places electronic care stations in Catholic Charities shelters so that those shelters’ clients can quickly access a Conduit nurse. With just a button press, shelter clients can connect with a Conduit nurse, leading to substantial health care cost savings. By bypassing unnecessary emergency department visits, Nurse Disrupted has already saved over $12,000 in health care expenses at the St. Patrick Center in St. Louis alone.

As Conduit continues to grow, our commitment to improving access and enriching lives remains steadfast.

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