Conduit’s Kris LaHote rappels off a 16-story building to help others with cancer

When Kris LaHote, PMP, Manager of the Program Management Office for Conduit Health Partners, was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, she believed she could either say “Why me?” or seek something good that might come out of it.

“Since this is my second time battling this disease, I feel I can use my experience to help others navigate the confusing array of treatments, side effects, options and emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis,” shares Kris. As said by another cancer patient, “you can’t wait for life to not be hard before deciding to be happy,” so Kris chose to stay positive.

Having a passion for helping other cancer patients going through a similar journey, Kris volunteers at The Victory Center, a cancer wellness service located in the Mercy Health — Cancer Center in Perrysburg, Ohio. The Victory Center is a privately funded non-profit organization that provides non-medical services to cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers free of charge.  Kris has personally benefited from their reflexology, massage and healing touch therapies. 

“The work that I have been able to do with The Victory Center and other participants through their wig bank has been extremely rewarding,” says Kris. “I want to continue to support the organization that helped me to heal, and that allows me to continually give back to other cancer patients.” 

Kris says The Victory Center helped heal her soul while Mercy Health doctors healed her body. She raised funds for the organization by rappelling off a 16-story, 250 feet building in downtown Toledo on September 8, 2022.  This was a big moment for Kris as she is terrified of heights. “But I figure if I can overcome cancer twice, I can conquer my fear of heights,” shares Kris. 

The surgery to remove Kris’s tumor was successful, and as of April 12, she is considered cancer free.

Conduit Health Partners is so lucky to have Kris Lahote as a part of our team. She is an inspiration to all those around her, both professionally and personally. Thank you, Kris, for sharing your journey with all of us. 

Photo credit to Kurt Nielsen

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