How a Senior Living Center used Conduit’s Virtual Care Services during COVID-19

Conduit Health Partners partnered with a senior living community to virtually monitor residents’ temperatures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how we helped this facility more closely monitor their patients in this short case study.


A Senior Living Community client needed a more effective way of monitoring their residents’ temperatures during the COVID-19 pandemic. The facility was taking a manual temperature once or twice daily but wanted to monitor their residents more closely to respond and treat as quickly as possible.


A wearable patch was used to monitor the residents’ temperatures remotely. A Conduit Health Partner’s nurse was responsible for continually monitoring temperatures. If the patient’s temperature increased, the nurse knew immediately and would alert the residents’ clinical team of the abnormality, improving the potential for early intervention.

Patient Case

A temporal check was conducted before patch placement and noted to be within normal limits. Close monitoring identified the temperature began to increase and remained elevated (> 100°F) for more than 4 hours. At one point, the patient’s temperature reached 101.5°F.

The Conduit Health Partners nurse notified the senior living facilities clinical staff of the abnormality, who informed the attending physician.

The early assessment allowed the nursing team to implement isolation and other early interventions, including:

  • COVID test – which was negative.
  • Additional lab testing for suspected infection
  • IV fluid hydration.

Under standard procedures, the resident’s temporal temp was “normal”; therefore, the patient’s temperature may not have been rechecked until later in the day, potentially resulting in delayed assessment and treatment.

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