Conduit Addresses the Nursing Shortage

Shot of a group of doctors sitting against a grey background at work

The Great Resignation has led to millions of Americans re-evaluating their jobs and trying to find what they want in life. Nurses are at the top of this list. Nursing turnover has never been higher. Engagement and retention for nurses are incredibly important. Leaders at Conduit are actively creating solutions to increase the sense of belonging and job satisfaction that are the building blocks of keeping valuable and talented nurses on our teams.

What are Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services?

doctor on remote call with patient checking blood pressure

A growing number of health systems, hospitals and other providers are turning to safe alternatives to traditional health care delivery. Remote patient monitoring services are not new, but the pandemic has accelerated interest and adoption of RPM services after COVID-19 presented various health and safety risks for in-person care. Remote patient monitoring services are growing in popularity, and they are becoming increasingly necessary amid pandemic challenges, staff shortages, high census and decreasing reimbursement.

Cheryl Dalton-Norman named Health Care Heroes Award Finalist

Cheryl Awards

We are proud to announce that Cheryl Dalton-Norman, President Conduit Health Partners, is a finalist for the Cincinnati Business Courier’s Health Care Hero Award in the Health Entrepreneur category. This recognition honors individuals who have improved the quality of health care in Greater Cincinnati through their expertise, research and innovation, management skills, entrepreneurial efforts, community work, and patient care.

Issues that are Impacting Every Aspect of Healthcare Today

Healthcare Issues

Since 2020, the Covid-19 response has been a priority not only for healthcare organizations but for all organizations great or small. The need to ensure safety in the workplace has been a priority. Early in the pandemic, Conduit pivoted to support communities, health systems and employers. We offered information lines, participated in planning for hospital capacity management and load balancing, we created programs for vaccination supports as well as for the purpose of screening associated with the ability to return to work safely.

Improving Patient Care and Operational Efficiency with Rightsourced Patient Transfer

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Every member of a health system’s team, often comprising hundreds of highly trained professionals, is enabled by the competency of their colleagues, and the effectiveness of operational staff who carry out their specific functions to the best of their ability. Beyond safeguarding profitability, maintaining operational dexterity and efficiency is crucial to assuring every patient has the best possible outcome as they navigate their way through your health system.

Overcoming the Great Resignation of Nurses

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The high volume of Americans who have quit their jobs since last year has been popularly coined as “the Great Resignation,” and the health care industry has been hit especially hard. According to Morning Consult, 18% of health care workers have quit their jobs during the pandemic, and 19% of those who have kept their jobs have considered leaving.

Nurses make up a large bulk of those leaving due to extreme stress and burnout, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Turnover is higher than ever, particularly for those nurses in the first year on the job. Though the outlook seems bleak, it doesn’t have to be. More and more health care organizations are seeking solutions to increase the sense of belonging and job satisfaction that are the building blocks of retaining valuable and talented nurses and attracting new ones to the field.