Conduit Health Partners and Nurse Disrupted Partner to Expand Services to Homeless and Other Underserved Populations

April 5, 2022; CINCINNATI – Conduit Health Partners, an outsource health care partner that offers customized solutions to health systems, health plans and employers, is pleased to announce it has partnered with Nurse Disrupted, based in Madison, Wisconsin. Nurse Disrupted, a telehealth solution designed for underserved populations, sought to expand its nursing services to homeless shelters to better address the needs of those who do not have a permanent residence. Conduit Health Partners now provides 24/7 Nurse-First Triage to assist Nurse Disrupted in reaching their goal.

The Nurse-First Triage service will enable the patient to access kiosks at homeless shelters and community sites for immediate healthcare advice from a registered nurse. The nurse will assess their needs and symptoms, determine the right level of care, and help the patient arrange for that care at the necessary time. This is revolutionary because, traditionally, costly emergency services would have been necessary to meet these individuals’ needs. The Conduit and Nurse Disrupted Nurse Triage Service drastically eases the burden of emergency department staff struggling to manage the high patient volume that COVID has exacerbated.

“Like Nurse Disrupted, Conduit Health Partners is committed to providing people with easy access to immediate care,” said Cheryl Dalton-Norman, President of Conduit Health Partners. “The pandemic has underscored the need for more safe and flexible alternatives for delivering care, and this partnership demonstrates how innovation and collaboration can address this critical need, particularly for underserved populations.”

This partnership has already received significant interest from other homeless shelters, community organizations, and healthcare systems interested in offering Conduit Health Partners’ 24/7 Nurse-First Triage service.

About Conduit Health Partners

Conduit Health Partners is an outsource partner that offers customized health care solutions for health systems, health plans, employers, and others to improve care and access for their patients and employees. Led by a team of health care professionals, Conduit offers customized, cost-effective, and time-saving solutions. Since Conduit Health Partners was founded in 2017, the organization has experienced extraordinary growth, expanding its reach from caring for 22,000 people in 2017 to 1.3 million people today.

About Nurse Disrupted

Nurse Disrupted provides telehealth solutions designed for underserved populations, meeting health disparities head-on. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Nurse Disrupted has provided video COVID screening to Madison, Wisconsin homeless shelters, surpassing 37,000 encounters, preventing 1,150 emergency department visits, and saving an estimated $2.3 million in healthcare expenditures.

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