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An innovator in the health care space, Conduit Health Partners’ use of data is a driving factor in helping to determine the correct type of care each patient should receive, when they should receive it, if that care is best delivered in the hospital or at home, and how that care will impact the bottom...
There are many reasons you may be considering outsourcing certain functions like patient transfer services. In addition to having more time to focus on your most critical role of providing high-quality patient care, there are financial benefits when you outsource with a trusted partner like Conduit Health Partners.
Every member of a health system’s team, often comprising hundreds of highly trained professionals, is enabled by the competency of their colleagues, and the effectiveness of operational staff who carry out their specific functions to the best of their ability. Beyond safeguarding profitability, maintaining operational dexterity and efficiency is crucial to assuring every patient has...
Patient transfers were challenging before COVID-19, but the pandemic has put more strain on hospitals and managing patient flow has become increasingly difficult given higher patient volume and staff shortages. Even before COVID-19, staff shortages prevented health systems and hospitals from dedicating the appropriate staff to the transfer process. COVID-19 has exacerbated this problem, resulting...
The pandemic has changed many aspects of how we look at patient transfer service processes. Listen to this recent Becker's Healthcare podcast featuring Conduit’s President Cheryl Dalton-Norman and Jeffrey DiLisi, MD, President and CEO of Roper St. Francis Healthcare, who discuss how Conduit's unique service offerings transformed care at Roper St. Francis Healthcare.
Outsourcing functions like patient transfer services can help providers save money and streamline operations, allowing them to focus on their most critical role: providing high-quality patient care. Organizations that partner with an experienced company such as Conduit Health Partners can see immediate benefits to their patient transfers, which in turn support long-term retention and growth
Check out Becker’s Healthcare podcast featuring Dominique Wells, chief operating officer, and Kari Beam, chief strategy officer. The duo discusses merging organizations, growth, and innovation in a COVID-19 world.
Through the Health Collaborative, Cincinnati-area health care systems collaborated closely and tirelessly to coordinate a COVID-19 response. The goal was to ensure their ability to deliver the best possible evidence-based care for area residents.