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Overcoming the Great Resignation of Nurses

The high volume of Americans who have quit their jobs since last year has been popularly coined as “the Great Resignation,” and the health care industry has been hit especially hard. According to Morning Consult, 18% of health care workers have quit their jobs during the pandemic, and 19% of those who have kept their jobs have considered leaving.

Nurses make up a large bulk of those leaving due to extreme stress and burnout, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Turnover is higher than ever, particularly for those nurses in the first year on the job. Though the outlook seems bleak, it doesn’t have to be. More and more health care organizations are seeking solutions to increase the sense of belonging and job satisfaction that are the building blocks of retaining valuable and talented nurses and attracting new ones to the field.

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Heather Kelsey

Meet Heather Kelsey, Director of Triage and Virtual Care

Heather Kelsey is the  Director of Triage and Virtual Care at Conduit Health Partners. In her role, Heather is responsible for strategic and operational leadership, day-to-day management, and oversight of Conduit Health Partners’ Nurse Triage and Virtual Care Center teams. She also collaborates with other Conduit leaders to develop new strategic services and process improvement strategies.

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