Women’s History Month — Toni Gadberry, Director of Technology and Analytics

At Conduit Health Partners, we’re proud to highlight some of our valuable team members during Women’s History Month.

Toni Gadberry is the director of technology for Conduit Health Partners. She oversees the organization’s workforce management, onboarding program, and the technology design and strategy supporting Conduit’s services.

But she says her most important responsibility is to continually inspire her team. The term cheerleader isn’t actually in her job description, but it describes her passion for the company and its people.

“I love the culture at Conduit. We’re a fast-paced, innovative and agile organization,” Toni said. “I’m encouraged by my leaders and challenged daily with something new. No one here is afraid of stepping into the unknown or trying new things. Most importantly, I value the friendships and relationships I’ve formed with my peers and leaders.”

Inspiration from influential women

It’s no surprise that Toni had some strong female role models in her life. Both her grandmother and great-grandmother were inspiring examples of kind, faithful, hardworking, loving mothers. “Both overcame many hardships but never blamed or made excuses,” Toni said. “They both worked hard from a very young age. In fact, they each became successful business owners at a time when society wasn’t accustomed to female entrepreneurs and didn’t necessarily support working mothers. I strive to be like them professionally and personally each day.”

In her professional life, Toni says she’s blessed to work with many inspirational women. She makes a point to observe the qualities and successes of her peers and leaders each day and strives to learn from all of them.

Leading the cheer for working women

Toni encourages women to embrace a fearless mindset to achieve their professional goals. “Fail forward and take that risk!” she says. “Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. Trying something new and missing the mark is okay if you learn from it.” To keep moving forward, she recommends that working women apply for that new role or promotion, raise their hands for that project outside of their scope, and ask for honest, constructive feedback from their peers and leaders. Set stretch goals and make a plan to achieve them. This Women’s History month, Toni encourages everyone to take a moment and learn something from a powerful, strong, influential woman they admire. Who knows where it may lead?

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