Sandy Pauls and Her Dog, Teddy, Give Back to the Community

At Conduit Health Partners, we take pride in our team members and their accomplishments.

Sandy Pauls, Senior Administrative Assistant at Conduit Health Partners, supports the executive team. “I’ve been a part of the Conduit team since its inception and have had the opportunity to be part of and see substantial change and growth,” shares Sandy. Her favorite part about working with Conduit is being a part of the “family.” “I am blessed to work alongside the amazing leaders and team members we have at Conduit,” Sandy shares. “The culture of inclusion makes everyone genuinely feel welcome.”

Sandy and her therapy dog, Teddy, enjoy giving back to the community. Teddy is an 18-month-old Newfoundland and Standard Poodle mix. He has received several training awards and certifications, such as the Blue Chip Puppy Award, Good Citizen Award and Alliance of Therapy Dogs Certificate.

Teddy is currently going through observation with Pet Partners associated with Children’s Hospital training team to be a therapy dog at their hospital. The goal is for Teddy to successfully complete his observations and visit a Children’s facility next year.

In addition, Teddy will be the featured therapy dog on Saturday, November 12, at the Scheben Library in Boone County for their “Paws to Read,” a program that provides opportunities for children and families to read to licensed therapy dogs.

“Teddy’s a gentle giant and makes the perfect therapy dog. He provides me a sense of comfort, and I want to share that with others,” shares Sandy. “With all the stressors and illness in today’s world, I hope Teddy will provide a ray of sunshine and comfort to someone in need.”

The care and support that Sandy and Teddy will provide to others is an inspiration to us at Conduit. “Sandy is such an important member of our Conduit team, and her contribution to the care of people in this tangible way is so awesome,” shares Conduit President Cheryl Dalton-Norman.

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