Strategies to Reduce Unnecessary Emergency Room Visits

How much are unnecessary emergency room visits costing your organization and what strategies to reduce inappropriate ER visits are available?

Unnecessary ER visits cost the healthcare industry at least $47 billion per year, according to a report from Accenture consulting firm (2021). The report cites patients with “low health system literacy” as one key cause of excessive ER visits. The complexity of today’s health system drives patients to the ER for acute needs that could be addressed in less expensive health settings, according to the report.

In addition to their negative impact to a hospital’s bottom line, excessive ER visits also put additional strain on clinical and support staff, while diverting valuable resources from patients experiencing serious health crises which truly require emergency care.

How Healthcare Organizations CanReduce Emergency Room Visits

As a healthcare leader, how can you reduce emergency room visits and redirect patients to a more appropriate, less costly level of care, without risking harm to patients in need, when every moment counts?

Health emergencies often happen without warning and after hours, which is highly stressful for the patient. Offering patients a quick, clinically accurate, and accessible option such as a nurse triage service is one cost-effective way to significantly reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency department. Nurse triage services allow the patient to promptly obtain highly efficient, accurate guidance around the clock, so that patients will confidently know what to do next and where to go for the best care for their needs.

How Nurse Triage Services Reduce ER Visits

A nurse triage service can be a key component of your health system’s best practices for reducing unnecessary visits to the emergency department. Whether you are a large system, health plan, or a physician group practice, an effective nurse triage service can be a helpful resource for patients, improving their patient experience, while reducing ER visits for your health system.

A nurse triage service provides patients around-the-clock access (typically via phone or online chat) to a licensed medical professional at a critical time in their health encounter when patients are most in need of timely assistance. This expert guidance puts the patient at ease and helps them to navigate a stressful situation more smoothly.

Tips for Choosing a Nurse Triage Provider

For optimal results, select a nurse triage service that offers the right features needed to deliver the highest quality of patient care.

Be sure that any triage service you select has a proven history of success. Make sure the service’s technology and platform are a fit for your organization. Also confirm the service’s accreditation and compliance with all healthcare regulations such as HIPAA. Be sure to check reviews and references from other healthcare providers and facilities.

Reducing Avoidable ER Visits with Conduit’s 24/7 Nurse Triage Services

Conduit Health Partner’s nurse triage service offers the following:

Exceptional engagement:

Our proven clinical and operational expertise ensure the highest quality of care for your patients, 24/7/365. Our excellent speed to answer and low call abandon rates provide the best experience for patients, which is why our nurse triage service is rated 4.8 out of 5 for patient satisfaction.

Nurse-first model:

Conduit’s nurse triage solutions provide patients and employees with immediate access to a registered nurse who will determine the most appropriate level of care needed to best resolve the patient’s condition.

Data-driven results:

Using analytic strategies that focus on timely, efficient care, our nurse triage team will expertly manage your patient transfers, direct admissions, or consultations 24/7 so that your team can focus on its most critical role: providing high-quality patient care.

Additionally, healthcare executives need data to inform strategic decisions. Conduit’s daily, monthly, and as-needed analytics provide transparency to the transfer process while arming executives with the critical information needed to make informed decisions regarding physician recruitment, service line development, and operation improvements.

Operational Excellence and Accreditation:

Conduit develops custom triage solutions collaboratively with clients to drive value. Additionally, Conduit’s health care call center is accredited through the URAC, demonstrating that our nurse call center solutions are operated with a high level of expertise and commitment to quality.

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