Improving Health Care Experience for Everyone Through Empathy – Podcast

Dominique Wells

How can empathy improve health care experience for everyone?

On an Outcomes Rocket Podcast episode “Empathy for Better Leadership,” Dominque Wells, chief operating officer at Conduit Health Partners, discusses this topic. She first shares her journey and how she uses her experience in many previous roles to lead, create, and identify opportunities that strengthen the business and care delivery.

Dominique understands the importance of paying attention to employees’ mental health and its impact on the organization. She believes empathy is key to closing the gaps that patients and providers experience in health systems.

In the article, Dominique shares a few important things organizations should remember:

  • It’s easier to empathize with an employee when you’ve done their job.
  • Employee mental health is impactful throughout an organization.
  • Organizations should take risks and action to make impactful changes for their employees.

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