Conduit Leader Shares the Importance of Supporting the Mental Wellness of Associates

At Conduit Health Partners, our mission is to provide 24/7 nursing support for health system-based nurses who are struggling to navigate the complexities of health care. Nurses face pressures at home or in their roles as parents and caregivers. Conduit’s Nurse Triage services are intended to deliver the support to nurses who need it.

In a recent Authority Magazine article, Dominique Wells, chief operating officer at Conduit, shared advice on how to thrive in your industry and avoid burnout, create a fantastic work culture, and five steps or initiatives that companies have taken to help improve or optimize their employees’ mental wellness.

“As an employer, it’s really important to focus on employees’ mental wellness. For us, that starts with concentrating on an employee’s overall health. We’ve implemented wellness programs that help employees develop healthy approaches to weight management, diet and exercise, mental health and financial health. Stressors can come from a number of directions. Taking a holistic approach to wellness empowers individuals and teams to tackle challenges from new angles and with renewed energy,” shares Dominique in the article.

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