A Nurse-Driven Approach to Improving Patient Access to Care

More health systems are looking to expand care options outside the four walls of the hospital, including remote patient monitoring and hospital-at-home programs. In a recent Chief Healthcare Executive article, Dominique Wells, chief operating officer at Conduit, shares the lessons learned and where Conduit’s headed.

“Conduit comes to the table as a collaborative partner,” shares Dominique. “We’re not there to just implement or provide a service for them. We truly meet with them on a monthly basis to review the data, to understand their goals, to understand how we can create goals on our own to help them.”

To help health systems expand their care options, including remote patient monitoring and hospital-at-home programs, Dominique believes you have to just jump in and adapt as needed.

“What the pandemic taught us is that we can’t continue to sit around and do nothing, or take too long to make or create solutions,” shares Dominique. “I would say dive in, keeping in mind the rules and regulations that we have to follow. But the only way we’re going to learn is to just get in there and try to do some things, and make it happen.”

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