Streamlining Behavioral Health Transfers

Transfer Center

One of the most challenging patient situations for a health system is providing efficient and effective care to patients with suicidal ideations.  Suicidal ideations demand urgent attention, yet shortages in behavioral health (BH) care beds often leave patients waiting in emergency departments (ED) for days. Not only does this impact the throughput and safety of the ED, but it also places significant strain on resources and personnel.

Mercy Health – Springfield Regional Medical Center recognized the urgency of this issue and embarked on a journey to identify barriers hindering effective care and safety for BH patients.  » Read more about: Streamlining Behavioral Health Transfers  »

Revolutionizing Health Care Delivery and Patient Care

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The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the critical challenges hospitals face when it comes to transferring patients to facilities that can provide a higher level of care. However, this issue existed long before the pandemic. Cheryl Dalton-Norman, president of Conduit Health Partners, recognized this problem and set out to solve it back in 2017. Her nurse-first triage and transfer service aimed to streamline patient transfers and ensure timely access to appropriate care.