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Expert RN Call Center Solutions for Effective Patient Care Management

Why Choose Conduit for Your RN Call Center Nurse Triage Solution?

At Conduit Health Partners, we provide patients with timely access to quality nurse triage and advice. Unlike other healthcare call centers, our nurse-first model ensures the first touch is always with a registered nurse rather than a non-clinical person. This nurse-first model combines Schmitt-Thompson support tools and clinical expertise to deliver safe, recorded telephonic assessments, leading to high-quality care advice and best-practice recommendations based on each patient’s unique needs.

Our registered nurse call center plays a critical role in alleviating the $47 billion annual price tag for unnecessary emergency department visits. Dusti Browning, MSN, NE-BC, vice president of client solutions for Conduit Health Partners, credits our 24/7 services with helping callers avoid unnecessary trips to hospital emergency departments. As part of our collaborations with other health care providers, we allow onsite care teams to focus on in-person patient care. We care for patients in a familiar primary care environment, achieving greater continuity of care and better outcomes.

Key Features and Benefits of a Nurse Triage Answering Service

Specialized approaches and expert knowledge distinguish us in delivering outstanding nurse triage services.​

  • Timely Access to Registered Nurses: Patients receive immediate, professional health care advice from experienced RNs, throughout the week, on weekends, and even after hours.
  • Nurse-First Model: Our first-contact approach ensures patients speak directly with an RN, utilizing Schmitt-Thompson support tools for high-quality care recommendations.
  • Cost Reduction: Our services decrease unnecessary and costly emergency department visits, reducing overall health care expenditures.
  • Operational Excellence: Customized solutions are developed collaboratively with clients to support organizational goals and the health and wellbeing of those using the service.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Conduit’s analytics provide critical information to stakeholders, which helps facilitate the most appropriate operational decisions and support strategic initiatives. 
  • URAC Accreditation: Our nurse triage call center is accredited through URAC, demonstrating our commitment to quality and user experience.

What Makes Conduit’s RN Call Center Services Different?

Conduit’s medical on-call services, operated 24/7 by RNs, are unique. We have an unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency and to delivering the most appropriate level of care for every patient. We ensure that every interaction is handled with compassion, expertise and dedication to the patient’s wellbeing. Our rapid response time and low call abandonment rate stand out as an industry best practice.

Exceptional Caller Experience

We provide a compassionate, patient-focused approach that enhances satisfaction, ensuring every caller receives timely and professional clinical support.

After-Hours Nurse-First Triage

Our nurses manage patient calls and offer care advice outside of clinic hours, reducing burnout for our nursing partners and improving employee satisfaction while ensuring continuous patient care.

Clinical Expertise

Our RNs have extensive clinical experience and training, enabling them to handle diverse health care needs efficiently and professionally.

Overcoming Health Care Challenges

Conduit understands the challenges faced by health care organizations. Our nurse triage answering services are designed to alleviate these pain points and improve overall operational efficiency.

Reducing Strain on Health Care Workers

By managing patient calls and triaging appropriately, we alleviate the workload on health care teams, preventing burnout.

We ensure all patients, regardless of their health insurance status and ability to pay, receive timely and appropriate care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This helps to reduce disparities in care and addresses social determinants of health.

Decreasing Healthcare Costs

By minimizing unnecessary emergency department visits, we help reduce overall health care expenditures.

Our RNs guide patients to the right care setting, improving health outcomes and ensuring continuity of care.

We would love to understand your organization’s challenges and evaluate how we can help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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