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Sandy Pauls

Sandy Pauls

Program Manager of Client Success

Sandy Pauls is a highly experienced and versatile professional, with over 30 years of expertise as an Executive Administrative Assistant and Office Manager.

For 23 years, Sandy served as an Executive Assistant at Cincinnati Bell (CBD Media LLC), where she provided indispensable support to the President & CEO, Vice President & COO, and CFO. Her exceptional organizational skills shone as she coordinated CBD’s Annual Customer Events, including a remarkable 2-day golf outing and the Festival of Lights Event at the Cincinnati Zoo. Sandy’s adept financial management also came into play as she skillfully managed budgets for customer events at local sporting venues, fostering strong connections between CBD and the community through events hosted by the Bengals, Reds, and Cyclones. Moreover, she played a vital role in fostering the company’s sales team’s success, having developed the Annual Sales Incentive Event at the prestigious Keeneland.

In addition to her remarkable tenure at Cincinnati Bell, Sandy’s academic pursuits and passion for healthcare led her to earn a Practical Nurse License from Brown Mackie College in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, in 2015. Following her passion for healthcare, she ventured into the realm of wellness and population health, joining Mercy Health as an Executive Assistant in July 2015. Her support extended to the President of the Population Health Team and the Chief Medical Officer, making a significant impact on their day-to-day operations.
In January 2017, Sandy embraced a new challenge, becoming the Senior Administrative Assistant for the president of Conduit’s team, where her resourcefulness and organizational finesse have been highly valued.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sandy is actively involved in several affiliations that showcase her compassionate nature. As a Handler for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, she, along with her trusty canine companion Teddy, brings joy and comfort to schools, nursing homes, and various events, enriching the lives of many with the power of animal-assisted therapy. Additionally, she served as the Former President of the Northern Kentucky Branch of the National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses, Inc. (NFLPN) during her time at Brown Mackie College.

Sandy’s years of experience as an accomplished Executive Administrative Assistant and Office Manager, combined with her dedication to enhancing the lives of others, make her an exceptional asset to any organization and a true inspiration to those around her.

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