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Deepa Khetia, BSN, RN

Deepa Khetia

Account Manager

Deepa Khetia, BSN, RN is a highly experienced healthcare professional who currently serves as an Account Manager at Conduit Health Partners. With over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, Deepa has held various roles such as Transfer Center Specialist, RN Clinical Educator, and RN Clinical Implementation Lead. Throughout her career, Deepa has demonstrated a strong dedication to improving patient care and driving positive outcomes. Her passion for nursing originated during her undergraduate studies, where she witnessed firsthand the significant impact of compassionate and skilled nursing care on patients’ lives.

At Conduit Health Partners, Deepa has received recognition for her outstanding performance, earning the Transcendence Award and leading the Shared Leadership Governance committee as President from 2018-2020. She has a solid educational foundation, having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from The University of Toledo and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Mercy College of Ohio. Deepa’s commitment to continuous learning is evident through her completion of LEAN Leadership training, EPIC: Transfer Center Module Certification, and membership in the Sigma Theta Tau National Honor Society.

Drawing upon her extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and her unique perspective as a registered nurse, Deepa utilizes her clinical expertise to create strategies aimed at enhancing patient care, increasing efficiencies, and lowering expenses for healthcare institutions. In her role at Conduit Health Partners, Deepa is involved in a range of responsibilities, such as negotiating contracts, instructing staff on new clinical procedures, and guiding new team members to ensure successful implementation of services for clients. Deepa’s steadfast commitment to improving operational effectiveness and fostering innovation within the team has played a crucial role in her capacity as an Account Manager. She remains dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest research and industry best practices to drive positive change and elevate patient outcomes in the fast-paced and demanding healthcare sector.

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