Celebrating Bruce Pauquette, RN Triage Specialist at Conduit Health Partners

At Conduit Health Partners, we believe in celebrating the incredible individuals who contribute to our success. Let’s take a moment to shine a light on Bruce Pauquette, a valued member of the Conduit family for over two years. Bruce plays a crucial role as a RN triage specialist, lending a caring ear to patients from various walks of life.

As a triage nurse, Bruce does more than just answer calls—he provides care for patients with skill, compassion, and dedication. His role involves listening to the patient, asking clarifying questions to define their needs and helping them determine their next steps of care.

Bruce says he appreciates that the nursing profession provides a variety of care settings in which a nurse can practice. Bringing a wealth of experience from hospital-based emergency and intensive care, Bruce’s transition to Conduit was marked by a desire for new challenges.

“Conduit gave me the opportunity to expand my skill set by allowing me to learn how to manage patients in an outpatient setting and over the phone,” said Bruce.

For Bruce, the satisfying moments come from his work on the nurse advice call line — a space where he helps people navigate their health challenges and formulates plans for better health. His passion for problem-solving and the diverse nature of triage nursing make each day a rewarding journey. Bruce shared that he also enjoys speaking with people from all over the country and finds regional differences in how people relate to healthcare interesting.

Bruce shared that he finds comfort in the ever-changing landscape at Conduit, appreciating the constant introduction of new clients, workflows, and technology.

 “Conduit is always doing something new,” said Bruce. “I appreciate and look forward to variety in my work.”

In his free time, Bruce enjoys cooking and creating new dishes with his wife.

Join us in celebrating Bruce Pauquette —a dedicated nurse and valued member of the Conduit family!

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