A timely care delivery

Brandon Burt, a Nurse Triage Specialist with Conduit, was working overnight on the 24/7 Nurse Access Line, when a man called at 2 a.m. because his wife was in labor and they were on their way to the hospital. He wanted to make sure his wife’s doctor was notified to meet them there. Normally, Burt would have messaged the on-call provider who would have called the man back within about 30 minutes. However, Burt quickly realized that wouldn’t be soon enough.

As Burt was talking to the man, he could hear the woman yelling in pain that the baby was coming. The man grew frantic and told Burt he was pulling over because he was going to have to deliver the baby himself. Burt calmly told the man he was going to get the on-call provider on the phone immediately and assured him it would be ok. Though not typical protocol, Burt recognized the urgency of the situation and connected the man with his provider almost instantly.

Once connected, the provider talked with the man and his wife and together they achieved the optimal outcome for the situation; a successful delivery and a healthy baby.

“I am confident that ANY of my triage colleagues would have handled this call with great professionalism,” Burt said. “I am just the one who happened to answer the phone.”

With Conduit’s 24/7 Nurse Access Line, callers speak to experienced nurses right away who use evidence-based clinical protocols to assess the patient’s need. When needed, nurses will expedite care to ensure callers get the care they need at critical times when it matters most.  

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