Conduit Health Partners Launches 24/7 Nurse-driven Remote Patient Monitoring

Conduit’s fully remote nursing staff enables ability to monitor, assess, and react to health care needs and emergencies in real time 24/7, 365 days a year.

CINCINNATI, OH (August 18, 2022) Conduit Health Partners, an outsource operational solutions partner that offers customized health care services for health systems, health plans, employers, and others to improve care and access for their patients and employees, has launched a 24/7 remote patient monitoring (RPM) service fully staffed and supported by nurse professionals located throughout the country with the ability to integrate with most RPM technology platforms and electronic medical records software.

One of the fastest-growing innovations in health care, remote patient monitoring is a process that enables a patient to be monitored outside of the traditional clinical settings. While the data is transferred instantly, it may not be viewed immediately by the appropriate medical professionals. Conduit’s offering, however, ensures that patient data is viewed and acted upon as soon as it is received at any time of day or night. Conduit’s robust and completely virtual staff of health care professionals is the key to its ability to offer 24/7 monitoring and support.

“When COVID hit and the world went virtual, Conduit’s leadership took their expertise in nursing care and patient access to expand our service offerings to meet the increased demand for virtual care. We developed the remote patient monitoring program to help providers operationalize their programs by providing real-time monitoring and a process for clinical escalation. This has become especially important as the nursing shortage cripples many hospital systems,” says Cheryl Dalton-Norman, president of Conduit Health Partners. “As the focus on population health is taking center stage across the nation, we’re proud to be contributing to the solution. Working together with RPM technology, health partners, and our specialized nurses, we help provide quality care, improve outcomes, and reduce hospitalizations for individuals with chronic diseases. And the flexibility of our team and solution results in our ability, through our trained nursing staff, to monitor remotely and assess and react in real-time to health care emergencies, regardless of location and time of day.”

About Conduit Health Partners

Conduit Health Partners is an outsource partner that offers customized health care solutions for health systems, health plans, employers, and others to improve care and access for their patients and employees. Led by a team of health care professionals, Conduit offers customized, cost-effective, and time-saving solutions. Since Conduit Health Partners was founded in 2017, the organization has experienced extraordinary growth, expanding its reach from caring for 22,000 people in 2017 to 1.3 million people today.

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