Data Analytics

This is a real Market Volume Trend that highlights the Triad of Acute Care Facility Growth Via Interfacility Transfer

Graph for Transfe

Triad of Growth Indicators:

  • Retention (Internal Transfer Yellow Trend Line) – Positive/Upward Slope is desires or an upward slope that plateaus or diminishes as Inbound volumes grow.
  • Growth(Inbound Transfer Orange Line) – Positive / Upward Slope is Desired
  • Leakage Prevention (Outbound Green Trend Line) – Negative / Downward


  • Retention note in the graph – from the Period of May 2020 to Dec 2020 notice the upward regression trend- average retention increase of retention of over 6 patients a month
  • Growth Note – notice strong growth from Apr 2020 thru October 2020 of nearly 10 patient per month over the period followed by an opportunity for growth and outreach in November and a rebound in growth in Dec
  • Leakage Prevention – peaked in Jun 2020 at 131 outbound

Our dedicated account manager, operational, and analytics team will partner with your system to drill into these types of trends to promote retention and growth. Our trusted advisors will take a data-driven approach to provide interventions that will reduce loss patient population to promote ease of access to your acute care facilities

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