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If you don’t have the staff, processes, or technology to manage a healthcare call center, let us help.  

Conduit Health Partners offers comprehensive health care scheduling and call center services for hospitals and health systems to connect patients with the right provider at the right time for the most appropriate care options. In fact, in 2021, we scheduled more than 53,910 provider office appointments for client partners.

We work with clients to customize and quickly implement scheduling and call center processes, and we continuously evaluate data and metrics that help clients make real-time adjustments to realize financial savings and increased ROI. Robust and efficient call management translates to improved operational efficiency, more scheduled appointments, better access to care, and increased patient satisfaction.

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Conduit tailors a variety of scheduling and call center services to meet clients’ needs

Consumer Engagement Line

A dedicated line supports educational and marketing initiatives that help patients become better informed and more directly and proactively involved in their care. An engagement line can also help callers find doctors and schedule appointments.

Patient Outreach

Our experienced team members proactively contact patients on your behalf to help them take important steps in their care. We have clinical and non-clinical staff available to support your outreach efforts.

  • Schedule patients for follow-up appointments, including with those who are past due for appointments like mammograms, annual wellness visits, and osteoporosis follow ups.
  • Follow up on tests or screenings such as A1C test kits or Cologuard test kits.
  • Follow up on medical supply orders.
  • Follow up with patients to ask if they have questions or concerns about their care.
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys via IVR (interactive voice recognition) with options to connect to a live clinical or non-clinical resource for additional support.
  • Additional outreach can be tailored to your needs.

Provider Office Scheduling

Conduit team members serve as an extension of your team and will assist callers who contact your office concerning a wide range of requests:

  • Schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments
  • Help place a medication refill
  • Verify insurance
  • Ask a question about an upcoming appointment
  • Locate the nearest lab or assist with lab orders
  • Send messages to the provider staff for clinical assistance
  • Schedule a COVID-19 test or appointment to get a COVID-19 vaccine
  • Request a referral

Seamless Integration of Services

Pairing Conduit’s scheduling services with other services such as our 24/7 Nurse-First Triage Line provides a seamless solution for patient care. If a caller needs to speak with a clinician to determine the best course of action for their medical concern, Conduit can immediately connect the caller to an experienced registered nurse who will use evidence-based clinical protocols to assess the patient’s need and urgency of appointment without disrupting a busy provider office.

Why choose Conduit Health Partners for your scheduling and call center needs?

  • Experienced healthcare leaders. Conduit’s team is comprised of healthcare leaders and clinicians with strong operational backgrounds and extensive experience developing protocols that use clinical and evidence-based data.
  • Innovation mindset. We stay on top of the latest innovative solutions to develop and continuously update our processes while exceeding client expectations.
  • Detailed and customized reporting. We provide clients data and weekly reports to help them develop insights into what consumers are searching for, how they access their clinic or health system, and where to focus marketing efforts. We’ll also customize the reporting format at the client’s request.
  • Complete care coordination. Our clinical and non-clinical professionals will seamlessly integrate with your existing teams to ensure the most efficient, effective, and positive experience for your patients.
  • Patient-centered, customer-first culture. Our services have your patients in mind. By improving care for them, we improve your efficiency and ultimately, your bottom line.
  • Quick resolution to issues. When a client brings an issue to our attention, our responsive and supportive team is committed to resolving it within 24 hours so that your scheduling and call center services run smoothly.
  • Flexible staffing model. Our flexible staffing model and attractive work/life balance allow us to recruit and retain high-quality talent who are committed to supporting you and your patients.
  • Outstanding Customer Service. Diverse staff with a variety of skill sets to support multiple call types. Flexible and agile to meet our client’s needs.

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