Readmission Mitigation

Maintain your organization’s standard of care while managing unnecessary admissions with our readmissions mitigation support. In collaboration with your facility’s emergency department providers, we build a full understanding of each case and consider safe alternatives for recently discharged patients. From working with primary care providers or specialists to next-day appointments, our solutions ensure that your patients receive optimal care in the most appropriate and safest setting.

How it works

The center receives a notification when a high-risk patient registers. One of our experienced nurses will then reach out to the ED provider to help find a safe alternative.

This nurse can also:

  • Connect the ED provider with a PCP or specialist for a recorded conversation
  • Connect with the nursing home or alternate point of care
  • Make a next-day appointment for the patient
  • Offer other support (as needed)
For more information, contact us or call 855-473-8656