Access Center

We are your partner in patient navigation, equipping your health system to streamline transfers and admissions to your facilities. Optimal access to care means finding the right physician, specialist or hospital quickly and easily—which we can manage for you through our 24/7/365 access center. With regional exclusivity for your health system, we encourage patient retention and acquisition. Our approach to patient navigation is built on proven growth results with an emphasis on data analytics, benefiting your patients with care and your organization with efficiency.

This 24/7/365 contact center is your organization’s single, consistent point of access for:

  • Facilitation of patient transfer to the appropriate facility with emphasis on your hospital or health system
  • Patient intake from your geographic area
  • Final destination placement based on patient needs and/or request
  • Physician direct admits

Improved results

Case studies demonstrate a 12% increase in inbound transfers and a decrease in outbound transfers in the first six months after partnering with the Access Center.*

*Results are based on data from regions that had transparency of inbound and outbound volume; and established solid baselines.

In general, 80% of transfers come from emergency departments and 20% come from inpatient facilities. The Access Center can help your organization streamline and maximize patient access.

Click here for a case study and learn how other health systems have benefitted from Conduit Health Partners.

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