Our Services

Conduit Health Partners is here for you to create efficiencies in patient navigation, helping health systems just like yours maximize growth by emphasizing patient acquisition and retention. Let our experienced nurses guide you in finding the best locations and practitioners for patient needs, creating better access to care for your patients.


Conduit Health Partners was developed by experienced hospital operators. We are experienced practitioners who bring a depth of know-how to your challenges. Not only do we solve problems, but we’re also people-centric with a warm approach. As medical professionals, we’re passionate about caring for people and our communities.

By working together, we can help you:

  • Find opportunities and efficiencies
  • Improve performance
  • Enhance market growth
  • Gain clear and measurable results
  • Lower EMTALA risks

Access Center

We are your partner in patient navigation, equipping your health system to streamline transfers and admissions to your facilities. Optimal access to care means finding the right physician, specialist or hospital quickly and easily—which we can manage for you through our 24/7/365 access center.

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Nurse Access Line

Our Nurse Access Line offers direct access to health care advice, 24 hours a day, with a dedicated nurse access line. Callers speak directly to experienced nurses, discuss symptoms and determine what level of care they need—avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor, or worse, the emergency room.

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Readmission Mitigation

Maintain your organization’s standard of care while managing unnecessary admissions with our readmissions mitigation support. In collaboration with your facility’s emergency department providers, we build a full understanding of each case and consider safe alternatives for recently discharged patients.

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Data Visualization

Get a clearer perspective on your patient flow with our data tracking and visualization tools. Your organization can pinpoint where patients are coming from and where they are going to identify patterns and make more informed decisions.

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