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Michael Layne

Michael Layne

Sales Director

Michael Layne is the Sales Director of Conduit Health Partners. In this role, Michael collaborates closely with organizational leaders to optimize the sales engine within Conduit Health Partners. Drawing from his extensive experience in client engagement and discovery, he brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to align the diverse offerings of Conduit with the specific needs of organizations across the country.

Michael’s expertise spans years of successful ventures in the medical, healthcare and insurance industries. Before joining Conduit, he excelled as a roadbuilder for an organization during its initial years. At Conduit, Michael is driven by a passion to enhance processes and streamline experiences for both his teammates and the organizations they partner with. He fosters rich relationships with clients and cultivates an enthusiastic and enjoyable work culture around him, placing equal emphasis on vision, goals, and long-term success to drive growth for Conduit.

When not immersed in his work, Michael cherishes quality time with his wife and son and beloved fur babies. An avid hobbyist, he continually explores new interests. Michael earned his degree from Clemson University’s College of Business and Behavioral Science and is proud to be a Tiger.

With Michael Layne at the helm of sales, Conduit Health Partners is poised for continuous growth, ensuring that clients and teams alike thrive within their partnership journey.

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