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We are proud to partner with some of the finest companies and health care systems in the US.

Conduit Health Partners clients


  • Imagine knowing that your transfer calls are being managed professionally with focus on EMTALA, revenue cycle, retention, risk, physician satisfaction and the partnership of a professional organization that will tailor their call protocols to your organizational needs. That is what Conduit Partners means to me. I have found their service to be invaluable. The comfort of knowing that our front door is professionally represented allows me to worry about one less thing each night. If there is ever a question about how we responded to a request, Conduit provides the recordings for my review. This actually has been incredibly liberating. I could not imagine going back to the hope and pray era of patient access.

    Dr. Jon Arnott
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Partnering with Conduit Health has provided a significant opportunity to assist in growth margin while eliminating the inefficiencies in our transfer services. The analytics result in both improved patient care and financial viability.

    David Fikse
  • The emergency department intervention by Conduit helped us immensely on the off shifts at considering alternatives to admission for patients who were in our emergency department and at risk for readmission.

    Dr. J. Arnott
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Conduit Health Partners provided a valuable, turnkey solution for our 24/7 environment to facilitate care for injured or exposed associates to ensure our associates receive the right level of care for their injury. Conduit Health Partners listened to our needs and built a program to do what we needed, and our associates wanted, but went above and beyond. They are a true healthcare partner.

    A. Calonge
    Chief Human Resource Strategy & WellBeing Officer
  • Our partnership with Conduit Health Partners has provided overall clarity and standardization to the transfer processes. We make and receive less phone calls to place the right patients at the appropriate level of care.

    Dr. D. Goodyear
    Medical Director
  • Conduit brings a measurable value to our readmission mitigation strategy by identifying our at-risk patients and working with our local ED providers to get our patients the right level of care that they need at the right time.

    Dr. G. Palmer
    Chief Medical Officer
  • As we continue to work in a challenging and changing health care environment, we are faced with clinical and financial changes that test the historical way we care for our patients. Nurse triage ensures timely access to a licensed health care professional. It increases the patient care team in a clinically and financially responsible way. Nurse triage by phone allows for economy of scale, and efficient utilization of our RN resources while still meeting the needs of our patients.

    Susan Mell, MSN, RN
    System Director of Access